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Sears Front Loader Washer – 2001 on up, specifically model number 11042922200Service and Repair – Since 2001 I have had all our appliances under service contracts. That is really sweet as Sears is good at this. I have been with the service guys each time they have come out over the years and learned allot about all our appliances.

With a background and service, although we can afford the repairs, I find that most service appliance repair companies are “hit and miss”.

I have some info on the Sears Front Loader that will help you with self-diagnosis.

Sears Front Loader Help Doc


Symptom of the – The G.E. Refrigerator double door with water and Ice dispenser have an inherient issue with the ice cover not closing all the way when you go to get ice cubes.
You should be able to look in the right side of the despensor area to the right of the cup handle that you need to press when asking for ice or water.

The repair is all in the front of the dispenser. It is tricky to pull the cover off.  I found that I could pull or get a wide thin flat screwdriver under the top of the plastic bezel. Be careful not to break it. Behind that are 4 small screws. Remove that piece and you will see the selenoid on the upper right. Rmove the 3 screws holding the selenoid in place. Be careful not to break the cover plastic lever attached to the pin of the selenoid. You can wiggle it out and you will be good to go.  Reverse this when puttin it back.

What is happening is the seloniod gets wet, rusts, and then sticks.  A do-it-yourselfer, the selenoid is typically good, an you only need to remove, sand down the selenoid pin, and lightly paint it with Rustoleium.

Or just order the part  – WR62X10002  (probably under $30 bucks)


1992 Dodge Caravan with My Dad. Removing the Heads to replace the Head Gaskets. It is not about the work, it about doing something with your dad – Van Father Son Project

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