Dec 272017

Commentary on Apple Iphone

I may be naive about this and maybe at some point in Steve Jobs Reign over apple, I ask myself if he had a hand in the “planned obsolescence” discovery for the Iphone, only to boost sales and keep the snowball rolling uphill.

I have been a part of the more than the past 8 or so versions of the Iphone, and drank the koolaid, thinking that my phone was just getting slow because they were writing code for the newer phones, and leaving my current 1 year old phone in the dust.

It was a happy feeling every time I would upgrade to the latest phone AFTER much pain and the swamping of 2-3 phones, 2 new SiM Cards, desperation, complete phone wipes, long tech calls with Apple. As a tech, I suspected planned Obsolescence, and after removing every possible scenario that could take place, I realized it was not healthy for me to have a phone older than 1 to 1 1/2 year old or 2 versions back, as it just caused me pain beyond what I could handle with gross inefficiencies in performances.

I literately did all of the above with my Iphone 6+ until one day, I felt I could not do my efficiently perform job when the phone would freeze, reboot, and just make me wait 30 seconds for a contact come up, only to kick me out when I was texting…Sound familiar?
Apple should be ashamed of themselves, and well if they pay, so will we, but they need to pay. Apple users are like no other, they are Loyalists and must have their Apple, even if it does not come with a button, or a headphone or charge jack, they will still move forward, thinking everyone else is doing it so I just must be narrow-minded, so I jump on the train.
I have tried Android and it comes with its set of pain and frustration with bad versions. I now have upgraded to the Apple 8Plus (8 core CPU makes up for all the crap in their IOS) and I love it, but for how long? Is apple going to STOP undermining itself to sell phones? Time will tell and the world will dictate what they should do, or they will surely be the Ipod of the future.



May 062014

Symptoms – Error 49 printer reboots itself

Quick fix – Remove the network cable RJ45

HP support is no help. The printer has a firmware bug. You do not need to check the version cause it needs to be upgraded. They had me use an old file that was Mac only and I am a Mac guy and their answer is basically they can send you a new one. DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS. THEY ship you a unit that does not have the updated firmware. By the time you read this they might have wised-up and ship them with the new January 2014 firmware.

Unplug the network cable. You got the get the printer to NOT keep rebooting
connect the usb cable to a windows 7 computer
reboot your windows computer
goto >>
in the top right box type in  –  276 200
look on the left menu and select >> Support & Menu
select printer (select the firmware following instructions)
select firmware upgrade and run the the update go once downloaded
you will see the hp saying programming on the window of the printer display
the upgrade on the windows screen or desktop will look like an 80’s upgrade window
it will show a smiley face when it is complete.
the printer display will say programming complete
your fixed, if it does not work try it again and take your time.
Make sure your firmware date is for january 2014 and not 2013. There is a 2013 firmware floating around that will not do anything.

#11 image support
laswer200-number8 laswer200-number11

#8 image