May 032008

Pat and Rhoda Kenelley run Wakeboard, Skiing, Wakesurfing, and whatever you need, they give the customer first class service.

Call them….yes, they have a phone number and they encourage you to call. 26 plus years in the boat and outoor boarding business, they get how to treat and give customer service and still have reasonable prices.

Both Rohnda and Pat are knowlegeable on Boots, bindings, boards, fatsacs, and accessories. When you looking for stuff for your boat, they got the answers and the support. A DYIer? Do It Yourselfer?. 

I have been a Wakeboarder, Wkesurfer for many years and I was looking for boots and a new Wakeboard. I Wakeboard with my friends and kids and needed some advice on boots and boards.

I have spent hours looking at sites getting a good idea of what’s out their. In less than 10 minutes I learned about the bindings and board that would be right for me.  Even with my extensive surfing background, I learned more about Wakeboard rocker from Rhonda than any site. They will even offer to send you a binding or a board and if you do not like it and take care if it,  you can send it back and they will get you another one.
Old Fashioned Service is not dead. Check out their site here

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