Nov 202008

With all the responsibilities in my our lives, we decided to see if we could get away for the weekend. We called a friend named Jim Troy that runs the sales for Lagonita Lodge, which was full up, and he recommended that we go a memorable Bed N Breakfast that he said to me  “Eric you will be calling to thank me long after your stay”.  He went on to explain that the place was magic and it was a set in rustic mountain home back against the national forest with awesome furnishings, coupled with quaint feelings. Jim, the gracious man of hospitality called Cathy directly and reserved  us a room until I brought the idea to my wife.  She knows Jim and we decided to go based on Jim’s overwhelming recommendation.

The place is  called Gold Mountain Manor, owned and run by Cathy Weil a care taker with a Zeal and Passion to make your stay as special and a memorable as possible.

Quila House Mascot

You ask what made this trip? Everything!!!,  from the time we were met at the door by Cathy, to the views, the rooms, and seven other couples that we chose to fellowship in the den. Oh yeah, and the topper was Quila, the house mascot to your left.

We had never been to a bed and breakfast where we where so graciously treated at a reasonable price. There are about 7 unique rooms, each having different famous names, amenities that are all great, each having their own specific character. Jim mentioned that it was not just a Bed and Breakfast, but more like a Bed and Feast and it was. The evening home-made appetizers were to die for left your pallet with some unique tastes. The food, all freshly made from scratch in the home kitchen.

I could write lots more but I think that the link to some of the candid photos we took should work. By the way, leave your Cell phones, PDA’s, and computers at home.  Actually, you may forget to answer your phones.

Check it out, you will not be dissapointed.