Aug 122009
AAA has been very difficult to work with if you have an idea of what you are doing. I can see how insurance adjusters for the companies can litterly run you over. They are so ready to cut you a check and close the issue in a few days when it takes as few days to get your berings as to the simplicity or complexity of the project.
Luckily, I had Sam Bar of Clean Pro, Phone 800 949-2044, a pro when it comes to water restoration. He was on my side to guide me trough the insurance jungle. All the others that came on board with all Insurance driven persons. Being a non insurance representative, they typically treat the company like a 2nd class citizen and basically frustrate you.
Believe me if you do not know what you are doing when it comes to homeowners claims, or just not sure, get yourself an insurance adjuster.
I happened on Frank Vacarro, of Vacarro and Associates, nice guy, gave me some solid advice. It turns out he does lots of commerical property, and some personal. His phone number in the Huntington Beach, Orange County area is 714 536-3877/
G.W. Burke and Associates at 800 429-7070.
Most will not charge up front and will want 15-20% of the claim they get for you. They know how deal in the insurance companies language, which is different than ours.
Alliance came today 9-14-2009 to remove the areas they missed last week and now they did not get it clear on all they needed to remove so I had to call and clarify.
They cannot finish today and they need to come back next week like Wednesday to finish. Welcome to my world. Check out our new removed Whiskey Tango Foxtrot outdoor kitchen.