Jul 102009

Well today is Friday and it is the end of the day and I went to open my mail.  It is in the news and in our families that many are running on hard times so it was refreshing to get a Slick Green Brochure from my Electric company telling me the TOP ways to conserve Electricity.

I am certain that there was a committee of Top Energists that discussed what should be some of the contenders and this must have cost $25-50k to produce and send out.

The one that stuck out was the listing of Plasma TV’s? It is my understanding that there is a low  percentage of households who owns a plasma TV’s as most are LED.  So we found it costs $13.24/mo. for a Plazma .. . What is the physical size? 20″

Ok, so what is missing as a prominent mention by name and cost per month?

Give up? I think these items should have been targeted.

  • Gaming boxes like XBox left on 24/7, 1-2 per houshold. Cost per month?
  • Computers, 2-4 in one household. Cost per month?
    P.S. Your computer can be hibernating or sleeping but the powersupply is still full on.
  • Laptops,  2 per household, Cost per month?
  • Set top Box or your cable, DVR or Satellite box (did you know it was a computer?)

Aren’t our Teens some of the biggest offenders of these abuses?

I think these items are being mindlessly left on 24/7 and are becoming a real drain and the Electric company entirely missed the target!

So Cal Edison, what do you have to say?

PDF SCE-Energy-Savings-Inside-7-2009

PDF SCE-Save-Energy-Front-Cover-7-2009