May 032008

Jasbco Incorrect Pump wiring . It was a journey to gather information about how to make a better wake by installing water bladdars called Fat Sacs. FlyHigh makes some pretty sweet ones and the guy that works there is pretty knowledgeable.

When I finally decided to order my stuff from Rhonda at , I had to then talk to the FlyHigh company for the right sacs for my 18′ ski boat. I did not want to control the filling of the bladdars by sticking  a hose and a pump in the water at the river.

Instead, I opted to order 2 killer 1″ pumps and panel switches so I automate the fill and empty of the sacs. It turned out great, but this article is to lessen the hartaches that I went through.

Pretty much, most are clueless. I have an inboard outboard boat and you can read old posts about people getting mangled too close to the boat. Last week we busted that myth. Not that it is possible, just that is it not probable.

 Anyway back to the nightmare from Jabsco. I have a degree in practical electronics and after two hours of reading on the web about how to wire the switches, I found that Jabsco sent the panel switches, incorrectly wired. Now, I have been seeing posts from 2005 on the same topic and the guys at Jabsco still have not fixed. The fact that it was not addressed with a note or revision on the ones they sent me tells me volumes about Jabsco’s quality control.

Please find the Jabsco’s corrected wiring diagram here or in a PDF in this posting.

I have enclosed a link that you can see the wrong wiring and the correct wiring diagram so you will not end up spending hours to install and otherwise simple installation. I think ALL their wires should be marked and tested.

I will scan the wiring diagram soon for you but in the meantime, here are  some visual photos of the complete install.