Mar 202009

I crack myself up. You know I have real mixed feelings with OBummer in the office. 60 days plus and counting, people are starting to recover from the coolaid they were drinking and the tied is turning…. OBuummer. I think that lots was said and different things are actually being done. It is hard to be the President of the US.

Everyone wants to be a critic, but our forefathers based our foundations on trust and ethics, and I think in some ways that is being comprimised. In the past few weeks, the general public has been focusing its anger on the AIG Bonus position.

Well, who knew that the Tart money would allow for that. Well, as much as it was being poured over by Obama and if you are the most powerful person on the planet, don’t you think you can get some of these important facts straight? My thought is that he knew about that and people told him not to mess with it. Now that it is exposed, it is an outrage in his camp.

The Tart giveaway is and has always been out of control. Banks are investing and holding, and of course it is written in that they can do that.. People are looking for a bailout which is boardering on a socialilstic-type structure.

I am not an expert but when – “It looks like a Duck…” and welll… you know the rest. Oil and everying is going up. What will summer bring when were not in session and people want to travel… I think Oil will spike again and we will go back into our circlejerk…

Do I have an aswer? Nope… Just know that this does not look like the right one.


Jan 282009

I went home for lunch and watched Glenn Beck and listened to the 2nd part of the interview with Robert Lagoyavich.

Like Beck, I am completely dumfounded at this man and he blatant Arrogance.  As you watch and listen, I am waiting for him to break down and confess or to find him at home with wrists slashed and an apology next to him.

On another note, our country is in really in trouble when Diane Finestien gets 5 to 1 in emails telling her NOT to vote for the Simulus package, she Votes YES.

God Help us