Jun 052014

HAVA CUP of Coffee?… Don’t most of us love that first cup in the morning. It is great, no it’s wonderful, and those that don’t just don’t get it.

I have been drinking 3-5 cups and more of coffee my whole adult life. Last year I was diagnosed with having Arterial Flutter, (affectionately known as AFib,  which annoying at best. You will be amazed on how many people have this and blow it off or do not get it diagnosed).

After several panic attacks and ER visits and stays for observation and thinking I was going to die, testing my reactions and trying some drugs to control it, not much was working well to keep it at bay. Under the care of Kaiser, I have been quite pleased with my Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, NPR Denise Middleton, Cardiologist Dr. Mark Timothy Deboer, Dr. David Cesario, M.D. Electro-cardiologist specialist in ablations.   
Daily, Doctors experiment on what they should do for you. You are their science experience and they have less than 15 minutes at a time to figure out what prescribe or do next. The old, “take two aspirins and call me in the morning” Why do you think the medical industry calls Doctors work a Practice? My opinion, Afib is one of the most illogical health issues on the planet. Hard to pin down a regiment that will work. You must be proactive and work with them, and use your own logic and give them solid information, so they can make better choices.

Early on, I was asked by my Doctor to stop drinking coffee, and I blew that off until about 40 days ago. I stopped drinking “cold turkey” and any symptoms, no headaches, a little tired, but thats it. Then I realized that I really did like that one cup in the morning, so I allowed myself one cup in the morning, none at night.

15 days into it, with LITTLE or NO  coffee, I have little or no symptoms of Afib, yes I am more tired, but that is ok. I have had better, less interrupted nights sleep than ever.

#HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY #Sel-fDiagnosedThankYou

Dec 102011

What does that mean? It is a great video on taking care of your life as a testimony of a guy from Australia named Joe Cross that was sick and traveled across the US juicing.

You can click here for the Juicing YouTube Playlist to see em all Juicing 101 Amazon.com

Day 2 Dec 11, 2011

Not bad, just have to remember to get a juice before I get hungry or start crashing.
Good energy. I am do the Mean Green Juice reboot fast…

    • 4 Kale leaves (juice the whole thing)
      1 small cucumber (always remove skin on cucumbers)
      2 celery stalks
      2 green apples big
      1/2 lemon (cut rind off leaving a little white pith)
      1 pear

      now take this recipe and change out things to your liking…that pear can be replaced by a red apple, grapes, berries, tomato ,etc
      the Kale can be replaced by Spinach or both or add parsley or cilantro or chard leaves
      the celery can be replaced by carrots, etc
      but the above drink is my FAVORITE!!
      also you can add a piece of ginger if you like it spicy

      Also, go to SPROUTS for the cheapest, best, farmers market fruits and veggies :)

    • Questions I had –
      Is there protein in my drink? -Yes, it has 6-12 grams of protein – Kale and Spinach are sources of protein, so do not leave them out.
      Can I drink water? – Of course

    Day 3 – I am up with my 1 cup of coffee will juice and then exercise. Getting my wife involved in reading the basics of what foods are doing to us. You need to read between the lines and do what is sensible. Dr. Steven R. Gundry, TheDiet Evolution. Amazon Link
    All is good for now.

Day 5 – A video speaks a 1,000 words –

BTW – I left out Carrots in the list of the Mean Green recipe.

Where to Shop for Food?

– Kale is the item that will be the most important you shop for.

General Grocery store will have Kale, but look on the side shelves where they stash the fresh Kale.

Look at the Store Chain called Sprouts, they have pretty good prices and excellent quality and freshness.

Look at to your local grower outlet if you have one and slowly you might find better prices. Find out when their delivery dates are.

You can buy bags of apples for juicing, break it up and get green apples and large apples, mix it up.

I do not get caught up on organic food. You can if you want but I just am not on board with paying 25% more for the word organic.

B12 Complex – Sold at Sprouts and is called Sublingural B Total. Dropper full under the tongue daily

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Day 6 – Smooth day

Having no troubles with others eating, I look forward to my Juicing. I keep in mind that my end game is a healthier me.

Day 7 – Can’t find 8LBS. !

Truly, I wanted a single slice of Pizza and a small glass of beer. Really? Hey everyone is lying if they are not thinking about their favorite hi-carb food and a beverage. I only know that I can eat things like that in a very very small quantity. Snacking after 8PM is what will put the LBS. on, but then again, I had some weight, but that was not my total goal.

Day 9Lost 9 Lbs – Had a Challenge, How to Effectively Juice in under 3 minutes – How to Clean a Juicer in under 3 minutes

Really, it was a tough day, not for Juicing but for understanding my body and what it needs. I left the house at 9:30AM with a full 8-10 oz of juice thinking I was good for the day or at least till noon or 1pm.

At 2PM we were out in the park feeding the homeless and I felt faint, dizzy. I realized I was crashing. I went for a bottle of water realizing I needed nutrients. This is very rare reaction with me so I say be very careful and have food backup if your not going to be in an area of Juice. I took a bite of Carrot cake and that turned me around in about 10 minutes.

It took longer than usual because I had waited through crashing and had gone past the pre-crash point and took more time to come back. So be careful and listen to your body. If you have ANY health issues, you can juice, but don’t juice fast without a doctor at least knowing what your doing.

Day 9 #1 – How to effectively Juice in under 3 minutes

Day 9 #2 – How to clean your Juicer in under 3 minutes

Day 9 #3 – 10 day Reboot Lost 9 LBS – Summary Juicing

Day 38 Still Juicing – Lost 17 lbs

I am still Juicing and I am mixing it up. It is all about watching what you eat and just generally avoiding regular snaking with bread and other items.