Oct 012011

So is your laptop computer slow to reboot when you open the lid and you have to do a cold reboot or complete restart?

Closing the lid is ok to do but make sure you perform a restart of your laptop at least 2-3 times a week. I have some inside info from a Mac tech that says that your cache and cookies file can become corrupt and then your computer will act like it is 10 years old.
If you have slowing and program closing or opening performances, then you can Perform the following steps which WILL NOT hurt your computer, and then watch it get faster over the next few days.

Your going to remove and delete the following files. You need to find your Home and your Library directory.

If you cannot find Home button, you will in your Finder and select the Go selection and Home will be there.
To find the Library you can only see it in the Go directory if you press the alt or option button while in that Go Selection. Pretty cool yeah.

STOP – Before you start, you should backup your computer just in case you have some unforeseen situation.
I have done this to several computers and it works every time. Take your time and make sure you are in the directory in each step. These files are going to rebuild themselves over the next few days when you start using your computer and will get faster and faster over time.

1. Go to Computer > Machintosh HD > System > Library > Caches
Delete all the files in this directory but DO NOT delete the Caches folder itself.

2. Go to Computer > Machintosh HD > Library > Caches (delete folder
You may delete the entire Cashes folder

3. Go to Home > Library > Caches (delete folder)
You may delete the entire Cashes folder

4. Go to Home > Library > Cookies (delete folder)
You may delete the entire Cashes folder