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My son has been getting magazines to our house years after he moved out and needless to say, he was paying for the renewals, magazines like Cosmopolitan, Road and Track, and Popular Mechanics. He had called and asked them to stop, and still he gets them, and they have his Credit Card # and figured out how to bill him even though he got a new card.

After extensive searches, I came up empty-handed, so I turned to the label on the magazine. It turns out that there is an account number and a place there you can enter them. I found one link that maybe related to many of shady magazine companies. People are too busy to be bothered with $10-25 fees they have to spend hours to unwind. They keep coming even if the credit card company blocks them, somehow they emerg. I am going to give you some links and screen captures of how to find your account number. I did a road and track search and came up with a place to enter my account number and then the email attached to the account, and BAMMM!,

All the account info for all related magazines showed up. Inside the link, I found a menu that allows you to individually cancel the subscription. I hope this helps someone and Good Luck!

I performed a road and track search, do not go to and found these links.
I am certain that if it is not this company, this will help you get on the right track.

Main Link –

Login that I used, hopefully it wont be cookie related but it gives you a place to start.



Jan 122016

So. many are buying guns, not realizing that they have to buy a box or a lock for it before they leave the store. Luckily, I knew that but I did buy a Speed Vault made by GunVault Model SV 500.

This is my rant about this product and how the company is reflected in it.

I bought the SV 500 and was amazed at how poorly written the user manual was. I deal with foreign written instruction manuals along with being a do-it-yourselfer your and you do not show enough pictures or describe how to mount the bottom thumbscrews.
I am amazed and certain that you get multiple calls ask how you are to put the holder and pivot bracket on, before you close it, 1/2 way open, or what. No picture, not real discussion, which it is the most moving part in your kit.
The other issue is how vague the pointing out of the learn and mute button is, not to mention a poor description of how to program the unit. It oozes of someone writing some basic information in English and a 3rd world country trying to translate it in a user manual…
If you do not get lots of calls, they probably figured it out after a frustrating time because most gun owners tend to be mechanically inclined, but that does not help how poorly written the manual is written.

I wrote the company and lets see what they have to say.


Oct 032013



Class A Ratings

A fire extinguisher rated for class A fires is intended for use on fires involving Ordinary Combustibles such as wood, paper, cloth or plastics. Class A extinguishers are rated from 1 – A through 40 – A. The number in front of the A represents an amount of water or, if another extinguishing agent is used, how much fire that extinguishing agent will put out as compared to the rated amount of water. A Class 1 – A water extinguisher contains 1 1/4 gallons of water; a Class 2 – A extinguisher contains 2 1/2 gallons of water, or twice the 1 – A capacity.

Class B Ratings

A fire extinguisher rated for class B fires is intended for use on fires involving Flammable and Combustible Liquids and Gases such as gasoline, oil, lacquer, paint, mineral spirits and alcohol. Class B extinguishers are rated from 1 – B through 640 – B. The rating is based on the approximate square foot area of a flammable liquid fire that a non-expert operator can extinguish. The non-expert operator is expected to be able to extinguish 1 square foot of fire for each numerical rating or value.

Class C Ratings

A Class C fire is essentially a Class A or B fire where the fuel involved is energized with electricity. A Class C rating confirms that the extinguishing agent will not conduct electricity. The Class C rating is assigned in addition to the rating for Class A and/or Class B fire extinguishers.

Class D Ratings

A fire extinguisher rated for class D fires is intended for use on fires involving Combustible Metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium and potassium. A Class D fire extinguisher is rarely needed outside of the industrial or professional firefighting setting.

To put all of this information together, a fire extinguisher with a rating of 2 – A, 10 – BC should extinguish the same amount of fire as a 2 1/2 gallon water extinguisher or extinguish a liquid fire that is 10 square feet in size and the extinguishing agent will not conduct electricity.


Places to buy

Rechargeable – Fire Extinguisher Depot

1 time use – Amazon


Reference site



Jul 312013

Stainless Steele Care and use


Top tips for understanding the care and use of outdoor stainless steel appliances and accessories:


–       Although the word Stainless appears in the product description name, most grades and forms of stainless are certainly not stain or rust proof.

–       The standard stainless material used in the Stainless BBQ industry is #304.  One of the alloys of this material is Nickel which is fairly non-corrosive in a non-corrosive environment and is non-magnetic

–       #304 Stainless is an expensive material and has proved to be a workhorse for outdoor use in normal environments.

–       Some manufactures (Summerset Grills) use a combination of #443 Stainless and #304 returning tougher and longer lasting metal combination.


Items that will compromise corrode or rust stainless steel:


–       Salt.  Salt water, sea air, over time will affect and corrode almost any stainless steel.  The outer shell on stainless appliances should be cared for on a weekly bases, yes weekly.
We have found that you use a general cleaner to first clean the grill shell, like Windex with ammonia. After you clean and wipe it off, apply a good general stainless steel cleaner and protectorate.  Hands down, ZEP products Hand produce the best and longest lasting results as a cleaner and beautifier on the market.

–       The closer you are to salt water the bigger the risk of corrosion, and the faster your outdoor stainless appliances will tarnish or corrode.

–       Your Grill over many years will eventually corrode the proper care of your stainless will extend the life of your outdoor stainless appliance for years.

–       Important Tip – Building materials will have an immediate affect on the stainless steel products.  Chemicals used in stone masonry, tiling, grouting, cement dust, sealers, cleaning acids will compromise the material.
Your stainless appliances should not be in the area of construction until the construction process is completed.  Immediately wipe of the grout off any exposed stainless with a soft wet sponge will leave it’s mark. Tape your Stainless appliance off during any grout or tiling construction.

–       Tree saps, bird droppings, pool chlorine, dog urine will affect your stainless appliances.


–       Your dogs shacking-off after a swim in the pool will all accelerate the spots, markings, or corrosion process.

–       Leaving the product in the box outside can create moisture, which can cause the cardboard and other packing material to react with the Stainless steel.

–       Any Direct contact with carboard on Stainless Steel will mar the finish.

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Jun 012013

I lived on the North Shore of Oahu in the late 70’s for eleven years. For work, I was one of the only guys that could fix anything, aka Bolt Electronics,  with many surf sessions in between. If you were around then, you probably know or have heard that it was labeled as one of the classic Era’s for Big Surf and great and soon to be famous Photographers.Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang was on of those guys who always came by our street to visit Denis Pang, and other photographers like, Bruce Hornbaker, Steve Wilkins, Cornel Benson, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Gary Capo, Dan Merkle…yeah…good ole Dan,…with his friggin raft, all were some of the ones I remember that were on top of their surfing photography game.

One day Aaron came into my shop and showed me his only a week-old Olympus OM-1 that would not work anymore. He was truly bummed, those cameras were expensive back then. Like all photography equipment, they get wet and sometimes they can be revived, and I was a pro at equipment revival.

He proceeded to tell me how got it wet and that he carefully rinsed it off and then stuck it in an oven to quick dry it. Being the North Shore, ya gotta understand that most North Shore ovens had 2 temperatures, on and off.

Surprisingly, he only melted the roll winder and I found it was not available by Olympus. Aaron told me  to just keep it or toss it. All these years, I held onto it…. It was one of those pieces of memories that just meant something and I could not toss it.

A few years back I ran into Aaron in the water at Oceanside North side Jetty area in California  and told him about the camera. I am sure he thought I was nuts. I still have it and snagged some Ipad photos of it and thought I would post this for good old times.
Now that Aaron is Da Kine Famous guy and well, Maybe it should be in a Museum or even Aaron might really want it for a keep sake…naaaaaaa or Maybe I should post it on Craig’s List as Memorabilia….


Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1


Looking for a Built-in Island BBBQ Top Drawer BBQ

Mar 222011

It seems like customer service is only found in spotted places of business these days. Integrity to serve is out the door.

If you think about it, typically it is not the employee or associate that is at fault, it is clearly management that does not teach or promote to be the best you can be.

Hence, why things are not always manufactured because pride in your work does not always happen in jobs today.

Just a thought.

Nov 292010

Random thoughts for the week – Our  lives are about finding our way, and in finding your way as to who you are and how you fit into this world, helping others is a great part of that process that can mash-up and shape who you are,  creating open doors you never knew could be opened or stepped through.

In this economy, many of us have friends, family, and acquaintances that are looking for work or have limited income. It is not all about money, it is about your time after work on on the weekends.   You all have skills, special and specific skills. Some of you have skills you do not even know you have.

My suggestion is to find a way to help others using your skill and you will be surprised how it enriches the rest of your life. Sometimes you have to think hard, and other times it is right in front of you. Do you know someone that need your skills? It does not have to be much, just that it is something that comes from the heart, like seeing some random people in a nursing home or hospital.

Maybe you have writing skills, design skills, cooking skills, construction, talking on the phone, visiting with them… Think outside the box on this one and your life will be better.

I challenge you.

Oct 272010 officially released it’s JW supported 2.0 Streaming Player Generator that streams (iPhone – iPad – Html5) Video On Demand (VOD) and Live streaming solutions.

Due to the unwavering position of Apple NOT to support Flash on their mobile devices, specifically the iPhone – iPad, has coded a player that will allow their CDN customers to stream archived Video On Demand files from the iPhone – iPad. How? it is done through a skewed form of ABR or (Adaptive Bit Rate technology).

Better yet, the player will continue to work well when Apple finally caves and incorporates Flash support on their mobile devices.

All you need to do is encode one more Mp4 file per video, and insert both the Flash and Mp4 file paths into our new player generator.

The player generator then creates the code that you need which you can directly cut and paste into a webpage for viewing. To the delight of web designers and coders, has left the ability of the user to tweak the player to their specific needs.

See the player here at the bottom of the linked page

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Sep 082010
Pastor Terry Jones, Stand Down, This is not what Jesus would do. He might turn the tables over but he would not burn the entire complex.
It is disrespectful of another persons freedom.
The Lord gave us Wisdom to be sensitive to others. In the inverse, to not put a Mosque in the middle of ground Zero.