Sep 142017


My son has been getting magazines to our house years after he moved out and needless to say, he was paying for the renewals, magazines like Cosmopolitan, Road and Track, and Popular Mechanics. He had called and asked them to stop, and still he gets them, and they have his Credit Card # and figured out how to bill him even though he got a new card.

After extensive searches, I came up empty-handed, so I turned to the label on the magazine. It turns out that there is an account number and a place there you can enter them. I found one link that maybe related to many of shady magazine companies. People are too busy to be bothered with $10-25 fees they have to spend hours to unwind. They keep coming even if the credit card company blocks them, somehow they emerg. I am going to give you some links and screen captures of how to find your account number. I did a road and track search and came up with a place to enter my account number and then the email attached to the account, and BAMMM!,

All the account info for all related magazines showed up. Inside the link, I found a menu that allows you to individually cancel the subscription. I hope this helps someone and Good Luck!

I performed a road and track search, do not go to and found these links.
I am certain that if it is not this company, this will help you get on the right track.

Main Link –

Login that I used, hopefully it wont be cookie related but it gives you a place to start.



Sep 132017


I am a Google Gmail partner providing Domain Driven Email boxes and GSuites, and various other names the changed to confuse the customer and we have been working with Google Services since at least 2013. Google has a very archaic way of invoicing our office but we went along with it and have been paying by invoice with a Check since the inception. Everyone we communicate with appears to be in another country and they have no clue of Western Business practices. If this company were in the US, it would be shut down or reorganized.

Somehow we did not receive an invoice from Google and there was a small period that went unpaid and we did not find out for months as then our Support team found out that this was happening when we could no longer login or update our current customers or add one.

I spent hours on the phone, wanting to pay by Credit card and I could not get hold of anyone to properly help. The account went into distress a few weeks!!!

In complete and utter frustration, I went on to my account and found that it had a way to pay by Credit Card, so I paid about $700 in now past due payments and thought I was good.

A few weeks later, when we were locked out, I called and was on the phone for at least 2 hrs, they said I had to pay by Bank Wire to keep the account open.

Finally, I did the Bank Wire, at a cost more than our profit for the month…. crazy. That was not where it ended. My bank wanted to have an address for the Bank Wire and other information that Google could not provide. I had to wait and call several numbers for Wells Fargo to get an answer. Finally, after about 3 hrs I got one and sent the money. They called me and said they could not take a credit card and had nothing to do with processing by credit card and that would be another division. I was shocked. So where is my $700?? It clearly shows they collected the money but they cannot apply the credit at all. I spoke to 3 managers with Not even a shred of satisfaction.

At that point I asked to be changed over to Credit Card so this would NEVER happen again. A few months later, my account went into delinquency again, my Credit Card would not charge (I have no balance, and I called the Credit Card company and got them on the phone with Google and Google said sorry…try another card. ). !!!!

OMG this made me even more upset, my Google bounced Credit Card works fine and continues to work fine but not on Googles system. For our accounting, this card was specifically for the Google system and I did not want to use my personal Credit Card for payment, but I did.

Some months later Google wrote me and said that I could use the other card when I spoke to them on the phone.

2-3 months go by and I keep getting phone calls from the Google team. I did not want to talk to them. Finally, I answered a light Friday night call.

They explained that the $692 they collected cannot be credited to my Google account or Credit Card account and I had to fill out a Bank Verification form.!!! You would not believe the form questions, bank, routing number, correct business, name, specific dates, etc. I had to open my articles of incorporation to find half the information!! Oh Man, I have never been put through such bad Customer Service.

Long story even longer, it took 5 or 6 different re-do’s of the form before they were able to accept it. Some weeks went by and on around Sept 10th.

The, what I thought was the last change that they required was something that was NOT on the form and I have NEVER been asked of, and that was the actual stamp of my deposit from the bank to be on the bottom of the form, which does not even have a place to put it, they just wanted the stamp. ahhhh finally, the person helping me, Milena, the supervisor, who was ok and she was just passing information on and was apologetic. You see she has to pass this on to a group that she does not have direct contact with so it is days before she can get answers back… as it it were 1970 all over again. I could not believe that Google, who makes Self-Driving cars, cannot credit a LONG TiME known customer $692 they knowingly paid by Credit Card. Does this make any sense to any you reading this???

This week, around the 10th of Sept 2017, I was wondering if i had received my

check yet and yesterday Sept 13 2017, I get a call from Milena, telling me they still cannot process the payment and now the people in the credit department have decided that I have to do the entire bank form all over again and they want to change the amount from $692.29 which it has been for ever as Google established the refund amount, to $687.53!!!!!!!!

Today, I am so upset and disappointed that a company could actually be so incompetent and have the WORST customer service on the planet. If there service was not so good and there was another company that provided the same service for my customers, I would have left with the first bank Invoicing issue.

As it stands, these people do not understand that we have a busy lives and when I bill out at and at $100/hr  I have already lost money dealing with Google’s archaic billing incompetent practices, along with the time to write this article. I hope this gets picked up and goes viral.

Note – From best I can recall, and there may be a few details that are not totally accurate, but the overall frustration and ridiculousness is still real.


Jun 052014

There is a program that will work within Salesforce, it is called Connect Office Offline Briefcase 2.0. They are really a dumb company and I will tell you why.

I got to the point where i logged in and was able to sync the database, then it told me that that I had an activiex issue and needed to be rebooted. Tech support said it need to have I.E. 8 or 7, so after calling and having them work 4 hrs on my computer, they could not get it to work and said it was up to my administrator. Well, you know how crazy of an answer that is.

I told them, if you have your parameters than SOMEONE in your group has tested it and this is not the first time anyone has had I.E. 9-11 setup especially as there are security risks otherwise. Non the less he and his supervisor sounded like robots and told me that it should be somewhere on the net. Absolute lunacy for them to have a product that does not work on a current browser platform. I also tried uninstalling I.E. 11 and used f12 developer tools to allow for downgrade of versions on the fly, but nothing would work. We went further than the Salesforce tech. did and still did not get satisfaction.

My question was, does anyone use it? I am just in disbelief that I pushed to 3rd tier support and got nowhere.

This is a real Salesforce Black Eye.

Maybe you can get this working and find a solution.

Jul 312013

Stainless Steele Care and use


Top tips for understanding the care and use of outdoor stainless steel appliances and accessories:


–       Although the word Stainless appears in the product description name, most grades and forms of stainless are certainly not stain or rust proof.

–       The standard stainless material used in the Stainless BBQ industry is #304.  One of the alloys of this material is Nickel which is fairly non-corrosive in a non-corrosive environment and is non-magnetic

–       #304 Stainless is an expensive material and has proved to be a workhorse for outdoor use in normal environments.

–       Some manufactures (Summerset Grills) use a combination of #443 Stainless and #304 returning tougher and longer lasting metal combination.


Items that will compromise corrode or rust stainless steel:


–       Salt.  Salt water, sea air, over time will affect and corrode almost any stainless steel.  The outer shell on stainless appliances should be cared for on a weekly bases, yes weekly.
We have found that you use a general cleaner to first clean the grill shell, like Windex with ammonia. After you clean and wipe it off, apply a good general stainless steel cleaner and protectorate.  Hands down, ZEP products Hand produce the best and longest lasting results as a cleaner and beautifier on the market.

–       The closer you are to salt water the bigger the risk of corrosion, and the faster your outdoor stainless appliances will tarnish or corrode.

–       Your Grill over many years will eventually corrode the proper care of your stainless will extend the life of your outdoor stainless appliance for years.

–       Important Tip – Building materials will have an immediate affect on the stainless steel products.  Chemicals used in stone masonry, tiling, grouting, cement dust, sealers, cleaning acids will compromise the material.
Your stainless appliances should not be in the area of construction until the construction process is completed.  Immediately wipe of the grout off any exposed stainless with a soft wet sponge will leave it’s mark. Tape your Stainless appliance off during any grout or tiling construction.

–       Tree saps, bird droppings, pool chlorine, dog urine will affect your stainless appliances.


–       Your dogs shacking-off after a swim in the pool will all accelerate the spots, markings, or corrosion process.

–       Leaving the product in the box outside can create moisture, which can cause the cardboard and other packing material to react with the Stainless steel.

–       Any Direct contact with carboard on Stainless Steel will mar the finish.

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Mar 222011

It seems like customer service is only found in spotted places of business these days. Integrity to serve is out the door.

If you think about it, typically it is not the employee or associate that is at fault, it is clearly management that does not teach or promote to be the best you can be.

Hence, why things are not always manufactured because pride in your work does not always happen in jobs today.

Just a thought.

Dec 152008

My wife and I purchased a “Certified Pre-Owned” 2004 LexusRX330 from a dishonest salesman at Lexus of Mission Viejo, California.  I will keep this simple. We were not satisfied until we reported our concerns and lies from an unethical sales person and manger of Lexus of Mission Viejo California to the Lexus Customer Satisfaction group who works hard to mediate and satisfy it’s Lexus Customers.

Lexus of Mission Viejo sold us the car as a “Pre-Owned Vehicle” and then just before the sale completion some how, removed the “Certified” status at the time of the sale. In speaking with many in the business and the people of Customer Satisfiaction, Nobody had ever heard of that happening. We went through a month of paperwork and the dealer lieing to us about things they promised us. In the end,  Lexus Satisfaction group decided to make the dealer make good their promises, which they did not do graciously.

My wife and I are the only ones who drives the car so we know when it has been taken in for service, which we refused to go to Lexus of Mission Viejo for service.  We had noticed that one of the the tires were warn very low and the other three were fine.  I did not want to get a new tire as it would upset the ride until 2 or 4 are replaced.  I was satisfied with the Mission Viejo  settlement until tonight.  I have been very busy at work and well with the rain all around us,  I did not want my wife  to drive the car very far with the low tread so I thought I would swap out the new spare for the warn tire myself.

When I pulled the spare tire off it’s “hiding place” I found it flat, warn and a large nail driven it in it, with a chalk mark on it!!!!!  I am glad I found this now, as it would have been very unsafe for her to not have a spare to drive around AAA or no AAA.

We felt so violated and I remember specifically asking the salesman , Mr.Dabari if we had a good spare, and he said yes and alluded to the fact that all Pre-owned cars come with good spare tires. Look for yourselves.

Screwed by the Dealership

Screwed by Mission Viejo Dealership

Tonight I was so upset that I wanted to let the world know to stay away from this dealership and these unethical people. It does not reflect well of the Lexus name.

They are located at –
28242 Marguerite Pkwy.
Mission Viejo, CA

I will consider removing this post if they make good on the tire, but I doubt it.

Aug 112008

I have a 18′ Boat with a Volvo 4.3 GL engine in it and I wanted to rebuild or upgrade my carburetor. I prepared photos of my boat Carb and put them on line so whomever I worked with could get the exact picture and information on my needs. Just in passing, I want to make it clear that I have a solid mechanical and electrical background, and this is not my first Rodeo.

I started hunting online and this struck me as a guy or group that really cared about the quality of work that they did. It may have also been a retired guy that really liked doing this and had a passion for rebuilding carbs.

So I emailed them because it was Sat and I did not know if they worked on the weekends. The guy answered on a Saturday initially seemed knowledgeable and nice.
I told him I wanted to get a rebuilt carb and would consider getting an upgrade for the boat, if possible. We discussed options. I told him the application I used the carburetor pm and he seemed to know his stuff and exactly what I needed.

He directed me to a Holly 2 barrel that he said would be a perfect match and give me more response and all linkages and fuel lines were the same. Only thing is I would need to get a manifold adapter, which he said I could get at Kragen or any automotive store.

I was excited and when it came down to it, I started asking about the compatbility and how all the connections would be the same, ….after all. What would you do? If I am going to spend $2 or $300 bucks on something that could cost me troubles, I needed to be certain of the match and performance. I cannot imagine if I had been further down nightmare road, would he help me or bail?
The last thing we had to do was to compare his photos online to mine, which was the fuel intakes, which clearly saw it one way and he saw it another. We discussed it for a few seconds and he was getting testy and growing increasingly agitated, like I was stupid taking his time up.

Then he made a comment… something to the effect that I was looking at the wrong carburetor on the wrong page, even when I read it to him. Knowing he was agitated, I carefully and respectfully, read the page and the item number I was looking at.

Just then, he got a call and said kinda silently snaped, “I got another call and I got to go” and HUNG UP ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At first, I figured he was just busy and we would hook up and finish getting the details worked out.

I wrote him a respectful email thinking he was just busy or the only one taking calls. I wrote him him that there was an explaination and maybe we were both correct. I said I had to trust him and that I would buy the Holly if he was certain.

His reply to my email was something like this – Quoted from the guy
Eric; Shop else where! We will NOT sell you anything.
Have a nice weekend”

I was blown away by his lack of patience. Maybe he only deals with dealers and not the general public.

I was so glad that I did not buy from this guy because if he goes off in the beginning, imagine how difficult it could be later on…..

A few days went by and I spoke to other boat mechanics and most had the same story about Holly carbs on boats. On more than one occasion, they strongly suggested that I DID NOT use a Holly 2 barrels on the boat. Holly 2 barrels tend to clog from dirty gas, or whatever. They are very finicky and clog easy. I was told that the Rochester 2 barrel was a reliable and would almost suck anything through it before and it rarely broke down or got clogged. I only needed to hear this once. I also found that the Holly did not have a spark arrestor adapter. It had a street filter adapter and he said I could find one….I am smelling nightmare.

My recommendation is to stay as far away from these guys as possible. To be fair, maybe we spoke to an employee and the Owner was not informed this happened. If that is the case, things happen, and I am very reasonable, I will remove this post. Otherwise it stays for all you unsuspecting.

BTW – I called Kragen and they do not make and adapter for the Rodchester to Holly 2 barrel. He checked Nation wide. This was another point I was asking him about where exactly I could get it. Pretty bad to get a new carb and no adapter….