Sep 042015

My Mother-in-law died 9 months ago and was buried December 14th, 2014,  and we buried her at the Park with the rest of her family in Westminster California. Her name was Hope Coleman.

Westminster Memorial park was in charge of the burial and the gravestone. The sales person said he submitted the paperwork a few days after her burial and we still do not have a grave marker for her. My wife is grieved over this.

Our family has grace and we have given multiple grace to the sales person and to the main office of the park, and they have since failed. We have had to send them the copies of the paperwork we filled out and sent to them 2 times as they have misplaced them.

Yesterday, Sept 9th, 2015 my wife visited her grave and found the headstone was still not in place. At the grave site she called and spoke to the salesperson and he asked again for the paperwork. The conversation did not go well as she said it was not acceptable.

Going forward, it is my suggestion to have your service and burial at another place and avoid this disorganized organization.

There is more but this is all I have time for.

Eric Kirkhuff

Link to Yelp Reviews Here

14801 Beach Blvd
Westminster, CA 92683

The Yelp comments are low, 1 1/2 stars….



Jun 052014

There is a program that will work within Salesforce, it is called Connect Office Offline Briefcase 2.0. They are really a dumb company and I will tell you why.

I got to the point where i logged in and was able to sync the database, then it told me that that I had an activiex issue and needed to be rebooted. Tech support said it need to have I.E. 8 or 7, so after calling and having them work 4 hrs on my computer, they could not get it to work and said it was up to my administrator. Well, you know how crazy of an answer that is.

I told them, if you have your parameters than SOMEONE in your group has tested it and this is not the first time anyone has had I.E. 9-11 setup especially as there are security risks otherwise. Non the less he and his supervisor sounded like robots and told me that it should be somewhere on the net. Absolute lunacy for them to have a product that does not work on a current browser platform. I also tried uninstalling I.E. 11 and used f12 developer tools to allow for downgrade of versions on the fly, but nothing would work. We went further than the Salesforce tech. did and still did not get satisfaction.

My question was, does anyone use it? I am just in disbelief that I pushed to 3rd tier support and got nowhere.

This is a real Salesforce Black Eye.

Maybe you can get this working and find a solution.

Jun 012013

I lived on the North Shore of Oahu in the late 70’s for eleven years. For work, I was one of the only guys that could fix anything, aka Bolt Electronics,  with many surf sessions in between. If you were around then, you probably know or have heard that it was labeled as one of the classic Era’s for Big Surf and great and soon to be famous Photographers.Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang was on of those guys who always came by our street to visit Denis Pang, and other photographers like, Bruce Hornbaker, Steve Wilkins, Cornel Benson, Bob Barbour, Bernie Baker, Gary Capo, Dan Merkle…yeah…good ole Dan,…with his friggin raft, all were some of the ones I remember that were on top of their surfing photography game.

One day Aaron came into my shop and showed me his only a week-old Olympus OM-1 that would not work anymore. He was truly bummed, those cameras were expensive back then. Like all photography equipment, they get wet and sometimes they can be revived, and I was a pro at equipment revival.

He proceeded to tell me how got it wet and that he carefully rinsed it off and then stuck it in an oven to quick dry it. Being the North Shore, ya gotta understand that most North Shore ovens had 2 temperatures, on and off.

Surprisingly, he only melted the roll winder and I found it was not available by Olympus. Aaron told me  to just keep it or toss it. All these years, I held onto it…. It was one of those pieces of memories that just meant something and I could not toss it.

A few years back I ran into Aaron in the water at Oceanside North side Jetty area in California  and told him about the camera. I am sure he thought I was nuts. I still have it and snagged some Ipad photos of it and thought I would post this for good old times.
Now that Aaron is Da Kine Famous guy and well, Maybe it should be in a Museum or even Aaron might really want it for a keep sake…naaaaaaa or Maybe I should post it on Craig’s List as Memorabilia….


Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1

Aaron Chang's OM-1


Looking for a Built-in Island BBBQ Top Drawer BBQ

Jul 182011

Preface – This article is an in-your-face and was written to help to those that going through this unpleasant process.

Ok, so times can be tough and you have lost your job. It has been 6 months and you are still going through life like you still have a job, still eating out, going to the movies, having the same parties, and your mini-vacations etc. Yeah, sound familiar…you have some savings and your not desperate just yet but you know it is coming.

Your Ego has allot with what your doing or not doing now. Maybe you have 3 kids and your concerned about the backlash and how your kids, wives, and friends will view you as less of  a man or breadwinner. This can happen to the best of us and it is realizing that you should “suck it up” and do what you have to do to keep the family in food, rent, and clothes. This may mean a part time job or something but you should act now and stop the financial bleeding, so you do not pay more in the future.

So… what do you do and how do you get started? Most people avoid the reality of taking financial assessment and this should be one of  the first things you do after you pray for strength and getting a new job.  Consider at temporary but immediate financial diet, TV, kids cell phones, overpriced home and car insurance can weight you down.  These NON-Essential expenses are only realized when that steady paycheck is not coming in and you have to take money out of savings or pay with an already partially overtaxed credit card, oh yeah, the credit card. Maybe you were blessed to get some severance pay or had 3-6 months emergency, which the average family does not have, so there is that. What do you do? You start to feel squeezed and you need financial relief until after you get your new job.

First off, don’t kid yourself about looking for and finding a new job as it can be scary. The National job hunting average says it takes 6 months to 2 years to find and land a new job.  Now days you will find that there might be 5 other applicants competing for the same position. It is time to get your family and or select non-judgmental supportive, friends involved. If your married, your wife can start looking at the coupons, your kids may lose their phones, X-Box,  and your internet premium channels package get trimmed. All these reality efforts now will pay off big for you in the long run. Most people in our country do not know how to live without. Think about the daily Starbucks or Pete’s Latte you get, hmm… that is $3.50 x 20 days a month or more, that is $70 per month you can really live without. Make it at home for $15/month. It is not pleasant but you should dig into those sometimes hidden and unnecessary expenses that were “gotta haves”.

Your parents and how you were raised– Think back on your families history, Parents or Grandparents life, ranging but not limited to tough times in 1950-80’s. As a kid, did your parents get you a weekly or monthly allowance and a cell phone, car and or car insurance, XBox monthly subscription, and that Family Gym subscription that you barely used, or something like that.

Most of our older and wiser Mom and Dads, made us earn whatever we wanted over our basic needs, but not so much today. As a Father and Mother providing for their family of 3 kids, these multiple seemingly small miscellaneous expenses can add up and represent $200-$600 per month!. Money that you now don’t have and should not be paying for. Think deep and hard, is it critical for you or your family to have these things at this moment?  Really? Probably not and as painful as it is, have a talk with your family, wife, girlfriend, or whomever, and let them know you require your help.  Husbands and Wives have to get on the same page, as one maybe saving and the other spending on things that are just not necessary to a house in financial instability. Do your best to not use that Credit Card and line of Credit that is just hanging out their for you to pick.

Help your kids with ideas by suggesting they may help themselves by getting part-time work, babysitting or helping around a store or something… anything to cover their OWN, non-essential needs.

College, this is a real tough one… You have a son or daughter going to a nice school and you ONLY have enough funds to cover 3 more months? What do you do? Line of Credit? NO. Think about it now, but do something now before it gets even tougher.

House Payments, Mortgage – Yeah there is that “roof over your head” thing. Look over your current mortgage and see if you have room to refinance of your house. Many people are upside down or owe more than it is worth and you cannot qualify for an interest rate adjustment. Try anyway, by talking to your current bank or lending institution and get some ideas as to what they can do for you without going through a complete refinance. Most are upside down and in the past 15 years, jumping from job to job and bigger house to bigger house to end up with one that scoops up a large amount of your monthly income… Now that house is not as attractive now that the music has stopped. (i.e. no job) Did I say Income? Oh yeah, hello? remember you do not have a job.  Next, look at your auto and home insurances, (oh that boat insurance). A simple phone call to your agent can get you and Immediate adjustment on your insurances by adjusting your deductibles, coverage amounts, the boat, RV, or other Toys, and strip them down until you get on your feet. DO IT NOW, DO NOT WAIT.

Agreements and Contracts – You always want to honor your agreements with all the companies you do business with unless you did not get what you agreed to or you find out what it costs you to get out of an agreement. One thing to remember, if you do not have a copy of the agreement and the company wants to enforce it, it will be up to them to get you a copy of that agreement. In many cases (I.E. phone, alarm company, or cable company), will not have an agreement and will tell you they do to keep you on. Ask for it, it cannot hurt. If they cannot produce it and your certain that you are at the end of your term, pay the fee to get out or tell them that you do not have an agreement because they cannot produce one for you.

Looking for a job – This is typically not a pleasant process, and especially if your over 40 and have worked at the same job for many years. You have to learn how to network and make a resume, if you ever have done one before.

How do you go about finding a job?  Start with the Internet is a great place to start, but your best job seekers are your friends and family. Post it with your friends on your Facebook or blog page if you have one. People love to help others. Post your resume or job qualifications EVERYWHERE. An old sales saying comes to mind, “Untold is UnSold”   Your friends and family know you well and if your a hard worker, they will help you network for a new job. It is great if you have a specific skill. Sometimes you can find misc jobs you can pick up just by telling others about your situation. Ya gotta do what it takes to make it and you will have to roll with these times to keep moving forward.

Church and Food – Networking for a job is critical. Let your Church office know that you are looking for a job. If you don’t have a Church, get one. Do not be afraid to ask for meals that some churches or private food banks offer. Churches are getting strained with the great need a the time of this article. The hardest thing for the proud man or woman is to just ask.

If your not a church goer, find one and get plugged in. One of the best things you can do  is volunteer your time at anything to do with the church, meeting people that are sometimes in the same space you are. It seems that you always find a job or opening when your helping others and not actually looking for a job at that moment. When you volunteer, your guard is down and your open to things you never thought you would be. Think about volunteering on evenings or weekends. Volunteering is extremely therapeutic when your out of a job or anytime.

P.S. Find a smaller church that has missions and is actively outreaching in the community. Our family go to Calvary Refuge Huntington Beach, a non-denominational church, where the door is always open.


Nov 292010

Random thoughts for the week – Our  lives are about finding our way, and in finding your way as to who you are and how you fit into this world, helping others is a great part of that process that can mash-up and shape who you are,  creating open doors you never knew could be opened or stepped through.

In this economy, many of us have friends, family, and acquaintances that are looking for work or have limited income. It is not all about money, it is about your time after work on on the weekends.   You all have skills, special and specific skills. Some of you have skills you do not even know you have.

My suggestion is to find a way to help others using your skill and you will be surprised how it enriches the rest of your life. Sometimes you have to think hard, and other times it is right in front of you. Do you know someone that need your skills? It does not have to be much, just that it is something that comes from the heart, like seeing some random people in a nursing home or hospital.

Maybe you have writing skills, design skills, cooking skills, construction, talking on the phone, visiting with them… Think outside the box on this one and your life will be better.

I challenge you.

Jan 132010

I am just watching some devastating photos from Hati. There are 2 million people in Port O Prince in a place that can really hold 40,000.

The president mentioned that we can learn how to support at

For Americans trying to get information about loved ones in Hati, the national phone number is 888 407-4747

Our prayers are with all there and all that are helping.

Jul 082009

People who have been affected by the softening economy are turning to new avenues for income.

Some are finding new untapped skills and reinventing themselves.  Some important things to consider when reinventing ones self.

  • Stick with what you know
  • Do not quit your current job or stream of income until you can replace it
  • Do you homework, research others that have done what you are considering for more than 2years.
  • Consider what you could do in your current job to make it better or bring in more business (sometimes this is much more productive and rewarding)
  • Listen to your gut and the little voice in your head and by all means your wife, husband, or girlfriend.