Mar 202017

If you have one of these nice portable Air conditioner you can get a new Fan Blower that the plastic keeper ring breaks see photo.

You can purchase it here as the model number of the fan is written on the blower.

A5304-450-AH-11 RepairClinic Item #2110503 

Or customer service for Honeywell –

Suite 906, One International Blvd.,
Mahwah NJ 07495

General Inquiries: +1 201 252 2834
Customer Support: +1 800 474 2147


Jan 122016

So. many are buying guns, not realizing that they have to buy a box or a lock for it before they leave the store. Luckily, I knew that but I did buy a Speed Vault made by GunVault Model SV 500.

This is my rant about this product and how the company is reflected in it.

I bought the SV 500 and was amazed at how poorly written the user manual was. I deal with foreign written instruction manuals along with being a do-it-yourselfer your and you do not show enough pictures or describe how to mount the bottom thumbscrews.
I am amazed and certain that you get multiple calls ask how you are to put the holder and pivot bracket on, before you close it, 1/2 way open, or what. No picture, not real discussion, which it is the most moving part in your kit.
The other issue is how vague the pointing out of the learn and mute button is, not to mention a poor description of how to program the unit. It oozes of someone writing some basic information in English and a 3rd world country trying to translate it in a user manual…
If you do not get lots of calls, they probably figured it out after a frustrating time because most gun owners tend to be mechanically inclined, but that does not help how poorly written the manual is written.

I wrote the company and lets see what they have to say.


Jun 052014

HAVA CUP of Coffee?… Don’t most of us love that first cup in the morning. It is great, no it’s wonderful, and those that don’t just don’t get it.

I have been drinking 3-5 cups and more of coffee my whole adult life. Last year I was diagnosed with having Arterial Flutter, (affectionately known as AFib,  which annoying at best. You will be amazed on how many people have this and blow it off or do not get it diagnosed).

After several panic attacks and ER visits and stays for observation and thinking I was going to die, testing my reactions and trying some drugs to control it, not much was working well to keep it at bay. Under the care of Kaiser, I have been quite pleased with my Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, NPR Denise Middleton, Cardiologist Dr. Mark Timothy Deboer, Dr. David Cesario, M.D. Electro-cardiologist specialist in ablations.   
Daily, Doctors experiment on what they should do for you. You are their science experience and they have less than 15 minutes at a time to figure out what prescribe or do next. The old, “take two aspirins and call me in the morning” Why do you think the medical industry calls Doctors work a Practice? My opinion, Afib is one of the most illogical health issues on the planet. Hard to pin down a regiment that will work. You must be proactive and work with them, and use your own logic and give them solid information, so they can make better choices.

Early on, I was asked by my Doctor to stop drinking coffee, and I blew that off until about 40 days ago. I stopped drinking “cold turkey” and any symptoms, no headaches, a little tired, but thats it. Then I realized that I really did like that one cup in the morning, so I allowed myself one cup in the morning, none at night.

15 days into it, with LITTLE or NO  coffee, I have little or no symptoms of Afib, yes I am more tired, but that is ok. I have had better, less interrupted nights sleep than ever.

#HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY #Sel-fDiagnosedThankYou

May 072014

This week my water finally died and it needed replacing. As a DYI’er I knew Rheem, American, and Bradford and White were good brands. I also know when I need to let a professional plumber do his job for me.

I ordered an equivalent Rheem water heater from Smarden Supply Co. in Fountain Valley, CA. My plumber friend of 10 years, Jose of J to Z Plumbing, who also buys and works with Smarden Supply.

As a DYI’er I can tell you that Jose performed a beautiful install. We turned on the water and fired up the heater and it immediately started making this loud and very annoying high-pitched noise. My plumber was mystified as I was, in my 30 years of plumbing and his longer time of experience we had never hear this noise.

I called the Smarden Supply and they had not heard of it and referred me to an 800 number of Rheem. This is where it gets good. I spent 20 minutes waiting for a guy that said he knew about various places that have had this issue and he wanted me to try all kinds of external tests, like bending the flex gas line or turning down the valve. I said this is really ridiculous, this has something to do with your design. I had called from work and they needed me to get the model and serial number off the machine and call back. I got a case number for the call back.

I called back the next day and got a new person and they said that she could not authorize a guy to come out and that she had not heard of this issue and wanted me to call my plumber out at my expense to troubleshoot the issue. I said, this is a bloody water heater, it is not rocket science, it is a thing you plug water into and give it gas and light it, nothing more.  I asked to speak to her supervisor and she sent me unannounced to 2nd tier support and it took 45 minutes to get the call actually transferred. 2nd tier gave me the same brick wall as to they could send someone out but if it is anything that we did, we would have to pay for the call. I again explained that the gas and water hookups are all standard and there is no reason for any variations and that I was not going to be responsible.
I patiently spoke to her for about 30 min and then I asked her to speak to her supervisor which she did not want to, and had me on hold for 10 min and came back with the same answer that she could not guarantee, I was getting angry and upset and reinforced that I wanted to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold for another 15-20 min and finally came back and said she would have a very top notch plumbing, Collier Plumbing come out.

Collier Plumbing was courteous and came out and fixed the issue in less than 15 minutes. The service representative said that this was common with the Low NOX Rheem water heaters do thousands, not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of these heaters. There is a plate that is near the gas outlet inside the burner area that needs to be tweaked because it resonates from the gas and fire flowing past it. Crazy.
After the service call was done and we had a few days of no noises, I then I called Smarden Supply, in Fountain Valley, CA and let AJ Benton, one of the head Managers or Owner about how badly I was treated and had I not had any DIY experience, Rheem would have walked all over me. As it is my time that I bill out for my services is around $80/hr. and these guys burned up about 3 hrs of my time, not to mention the Good Will I was not going to pass on about Rheem. AJ of Smarden Supply was very interested about the issue as this will kill his sales if there anyone gets hold of this review.I have worked with Smarden for many years and they are a good company with great customer service. Think that Rheem should have put in a factory insert or bulletin  about this issue so Smarden could help and not end up with an upset customer. I will not purchase Rheem products and will change over to buying and installing American or Bradford and White products, which are equally as good.
A important aside : The service guy told us to expect this water heater to fail within 5 years and if you get it repaired it will not last much longer. He said they just do not make water heaters to last like they used to.

In conclusion, and with the note from the service person,  I think that Rheem should consider some kind of compensation for this horrible missing Customer Service and I will consider changing my review.

so, don’t get Rheemed, by American