Dec 212008

I know you have heard this before but why again is it we are bailing out the automakers?  If this was business on the street and an investor group was involved, I do not think they would loan them a dime.

The American car makers have pretty much had their head in the sand watching the “other guys” deliver what the public wants and needs, at a modest price.  Some of the “other guys” sell cars that are purchased at a premium and still we pay for it because of the forward thinking designs they produce, along with ridiculous reliability.

I am a Republican and I think Bush is blowing it by NOT sending the Clear message NOT to make any loan. Yes, there would be some real backlashes in all sectors of life and it could spiral us into a depression, but these guys waste more money and appear that they will to continue to do so.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the people could vote major issues like this? After all, it is our money the President and Congress is spending.

Weren’t we financially in trouble before this all started?

For what it is worth, I have said my peace.


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