Apr 202017

This is a must-have for your RV because one day your RV engine battery will die from aux use when your parked without power, and you cannot start your RV. This will allow you to electronically jump your battery and stay inside the cab. You who are NOT DIY’ers, have someone do it for you and use this as a guide.
Also, there is a solution for your Jensen JRV212T that has an unresponsive touch screen.
Last,   I ran audio outputs from the main TV to the Jensen JRV212T or the radio so you can hear the TV much clearer.


Apr 082017

Your probably frustrated because your touch screen is slowly going bad and your forced to buy either another used one and as of this post, I do not know anyone who is refurbishing them, and the screen is 90% of the issue. If you find one, you will find one for $400-700 plus install if your not a DIY’er.

You are stuck with this because you need a 3 camera system and Don’t fall for the Jensen replacement that makes you switch the cameras manually, which is the last thing you want when driving your RV.

This is a pretty nice basic unit, and it is worth trying this considering this.
All you need to do is buy a 50 cent stylus or one that some gave you sitting on the bottom of your kitchen junk or catch-all drawer. Hang it off the Radio and your good to go.

You will love this solution as it will save you time and money and you will take back the control you lost after having spent so much for a fairly new RV.