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Stainless Steele Care and use


Top tips for understanding the care and use of outdoor stainless steel appliances and accessories:


–       Although the word Stainless appears in the product description name, most grades and forms of stainless are certainly not stain or rust proof.

–       The standard stainless material used in the Stainless BBQ industry is #304.  One of the alloys of this material is Nickel which is fairly non-corrosive in a non-corrosive environment and is non-magnetic

–       #304 Stainless is an expensive material and has proved to be a workhorse for outdoor use in normal environments.

–       Some manufactures (Summerset Grills) use a combination of #443 Stainless and #304 returning tougher and longer lasting metal combination.


Items that will compromise corrode or rust stainless steel:


–       Salt.  Salt water, sea air, over time will affect and corrode almost any stainless steel.  The outer shell on stainless appliances should be cared for on a weekly bases, yes weekly.
We have found that you use a general cleaner to first clean the grill shell, like Windex with ammonia. After you clean and wipe it off, apply a good general stainless steel cleaner and protectorate.  Hands down, ZEP products Hand produce the best and longest lasting results as a cleaner and beautifier on the market.

–       The closer you are to salt water the bigger the risk of corrosion, and the faster your outdoor stainless appliances will tarnish or corrode.

–       Your Grill over many years will eventually corrode the proper care of your stainless will extend the life of your outdoor stainless appliance for years.

–       Important Tip – Building materials will have an immediate affect on the stainless steel products.  Chemicals used in stone masonry, tiling, grouting, cement dust, sealers, cleaning acids will compromise the material.
Your stainless appliances should not be in the area of construction until the construction process is completed.  Immediately wipe of the grout off any exposed stainless with a soft wet sponge will leave it’s mark. Tape your Stainless appliance off during any grout or tiling construction.

–       Tree saps, bird droppings, pool chlorine, dog urine will affect your stainless appliances.


–       Your dogs shacking-off after a swim in the pool will all accelerate the spots, markings, or corrosion process.

–       Leaving the product in the box outside can create moisture, which can cause the cardboard and other packing material to react with the Stainless steel.

–       Any Direct contact with carboard on Stainless Steel will mar the finish.

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