Nov 252012

I had a PowerShot stapler for almost 10 years and every once and a while it jammed, no biggie.

Today, I had good memories of a quality produce and purchased a new one and price was not the determining factor. I also purchased the manufacture recommended staples. My task was to put up a few dozen posters.

Sadly, it jammed the 2nd poster I put up. After about 15 posters the back frame screw fell out as the nut probably feel out a few posters prior.

Needless to say I returned it to Lowe’s and will look for a new one that may be more reliable. I think this is both Lowe’s and the manufacturers concern.

I was disappointed when this happened and thought this would be a nice tool with just a little more integrity regarding design and assembly. One drop of Lock tight on the frame screw, I probably would not have returned it.

I hope that the manufacture gets this and does something about it.


Nov 032012


A DYI Techie will probably appreciate this post.

You might think that this is a rather harsh decision but it was not something I took lightly. I have been able to repair complex electronic issues for many years and have spent countless hours trying to fix something that is not worth it and this is one of them.

I weighted the fact that there were not any real good posts on this amp and that even I spent a few hours on it and replaced the parts for a few hundred bucks, that it still was not a reliable amp and basically, I decided that it was a POS and deserved to be at the bottom of a trash can, hence the photo.

The symptom was that the intermittently, the sound would drop along with the M Volume display line would disappear. The standby light would also remain green, which made me think that the main power block was ok and the defect was in the microprocessor or power supply area, probably a circuit going south. At any cost I took it completely apart and tried to get it to fail with circuit board flex and heat.

This convinced me that it was a failing component and again, not a good bet it would last over time. 90% of intermittent failures are connection or technical related.

Again, even if you spent $250 on a service repair from a Denon dealer, it the AVR-2807 is still not designed to last. It is the Jaguar or Fiat of Amplifiers.