Jun 142011

YourHost.com is now Clear 4G Dealer setup to assist our Digital Rapids TouchStream Customers. The Clear 4G allows our TouchStream customers to move about in the 4G Coverage area, creating Live Stream Events with speeds of 1mb up and 5 down. Our team has personally tested the 4G RJ45 connected modem with and without wireless capabilities.

YourHost.com and Clear 4G DevicesThis means that you can go remote, stream a 400-500kbps stream, and have enough room for a VOIP phone or surf the net without hosing the stream. It is brilliant. For as little as $45-52/mo. you can have this at your fingertips.



Why buy from YourHost.com?

  • The price is the same
  • You will be helping us support churches and other non-profits through YourHost.com
  • We will order it for you

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