Jan 192011

It was bound to happen. All those pictures you put up on Facebook of your new Car, FlatScreen, etc are marked with what is known as Geo Tagging.

Plainly put, Geo Tagging Photos you post, reveal the exact coordinates to you and your stuff husbands, wives, friends, and family members. So if a person knows where you are and knows where you or your stuff is, they can use that info for several bad things.

Most people don’t realize that the action of automatic Geo Tagging takes place on their smart phones, either because it is enabled by default, not exposed the user as an option, or was asked and then forgotten. As a result, individuals often share too much information about their location, right down to the exact Latitude and Longitude when snapping photos with their smartpphone and posting them online.

Don’t panic or swallow your Gum…, most popular cell phones will allow you to turn them off. I do not suggest you turn everything off then some of your “location apps” will not work, like maps and around me type apps.

The iPhone one of the easiest and Geo Tagging friendly to disable some of the features. Here are some instructions for the iPhone, and more in the link from a cool group of people that are helping expose this technology.

How do I disable my iPhone 4?  –

iPhone4 .x
Apple greatly simplified the way to turn off location services on a per-application basis. To see your settings, go to Settings, General, then Location Services. From there you can set which applications can access your GPS coordinates or disable it entirely.

Screen Shot

iPhone 3.x

With the iOS 3.x there are two ways to disable Geotagging of photos. The first involves disabling of all location based services. To disable this feature, Go to Settings, General then set Location Services to off.

Screen Shot

Be warned: This will turn off ALL location based services for ALL applications. Of course we may actually have need to use location based services for other applications (such as maps and driving directions, or getting robbed via Foursquare), but just not for our pictures.

There is no easy way to disable location based servces for just one application. However, we can make the iPhone prompt us at first use for each application. Once reset, the first time we enter the application we can enable or disable location based services for the application. To do so we need to go to Settings, General, Reset.

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