Dec 132010

Every time I get to spend some quality time with my kids or a person in need of listening time, it is a good day. Yesterday, my hardest to reach son, still living at home, 22 year old and I went to the beach with the potential of Surfing. Turns out, it was flat slightly windy, but a warm and beautiful day, 78 degrees in the middle of December. We sat in our beach chairs by the water talking and relating to each other. As a parent, sometimes you just need to listen period, especially if you have a girl. It was a real treat.  We had good talk, not judgmental nor condescending talk. We left the beach after about an hour and a half, ate lunch together at a hole-in-the-wall Thai place we found on Urbanspoon, and then went home.

That late afternoon, it took a little coaxing, but together we finished putting up the Christmas lights.

You have kids? Connect with them, make the effort now, for they will be gone before you know it and they will not have those small memories that are burned in for life.  I was so fortunate to have great parents as role model so it is not so much of a stretch for me, but you who struggle, get some help from others to show you how you can connect and make a difference.

Fulfilled Dad