Oct 272010

YourHost.com officially released it’s JW supported 2.0 Streaming Player Generator that streams (iPhone – iPad – Html5) Video On Demand (VOD) and Live streaming solutions.

Due to the unwavering position of Apple NOT to support Flash on their mobile devices, specifically the iPhone – iPad, YourHost.com has coded a player that will allow their CDN customers to stream archived Video On Demand files from the iPhone – iPad. How? it is done through a skewed form of ABR or (Adaptive Bit Rate technology).

Better yet, the player will continue to work well when Apple finally caves and incorporates Flash support on their mobile devices.

All you need to do is encode one more Mp4 file per video, and insert both the Flash and Mp4 file paths into our new player generator.

The player generator then creates the code that you need which you can directly cut and paste into a webpage for viewing. To the delight of web designers and coders, YourHost.com has left the ability of the user to tweak the player to their specific needs.

See the player here at the bottom of the linked page

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