Feb 252010

Have you see the “FloMax or Avadart” ads with the guy frantically looking for bathroom?

Is that you? What do I do? Make an appointment with your doctor and have a PSA test and get physically checked. You need to rule out cancer. Then, when you found that you just got what every many has one time or another after 45 years old, you can chose to use what they prescribe them or try some Holistic solutions.  Unless I must fix it now and it is critical to get under control in a month, I chose the Holistic solution. I do not like putting stuff in my body unless I have to.

James Lent of the HHRGroup is a knowledgeable guy of what things are naturally good for your body. He supplies health products to places like Mother’s markets and the like.  For Prostate issues, he recommends from IHerb.com this product which is called “A man’s Zinc” . Try it first and if it does not drop your score in a month, then take the Flomax or Avadart.