Sep 102009

Hey gang,

Here is a link to our progress. The beam is up and in!!

Most of our water and drain pipes are rerouted.

Last night was nasty when I cut the drain I got metal shaving dust in my nose and had to flush it. It felt like my sinus was on fire. I am good today.

You can check out the last 4-5 photos at this link with a small video.

See all our family photos at –

Sep 072009

Doing a simple fix of replacing kitchen cabinets as a result of a flood can turn into a full blow remodel.

There are so many things to consider when tackling a moving remodel. You need to know your stuff and have some good friends in the trades. Tools at this point are important to have.

We started with replacing the cabinets and then they moved to updating the drains, getting that shower and bathroom on the first floor for our mother-in-law that lives with us can grow into a major project. Luckily, I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing and surround myself with some friends and other professionals in the business.

Lance Bell is a friend that knows everything about everything and is a great source of help and extremely knowledgable.

Craig Belmont is a long-time Contractor friend that does great work and has engineering knowledge that keeps me doing work by the city codes.
David Coleman, Gayle’s Brother is a Licensed Contractor and Fine Cabinet Maker by trade, and a very talented carpenter. He is cautious, neat, and very capable of just about anything you through at him. It is a pleasure working side-by-side with him as he is easy going and very meticulous about all he does. Today, we finished digging the footings for the beam that will be added to the ceiling so we can remove some of the wall and open up the kitchen-dinning room. Dave is designing cabinets for the kitchen and dining room. It looks like it will be very nice and just what Gayle, my wife, will like.

We are doing our best to stay in budget so that is why we are keeping it in the family.

Stay tuned and see some of the photos from Sunday August 6 and today,
Labor Day Work Photos 2009