Jul 202009

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Jul 102009

Well today is Friday and it is the end of the day and I went to open my mail.  It is in the news and in our families that many are running on hard times so it was refreshing to get a Slick Green Brochure from my Electric company telling me the TOP ways to conserve Electricity.

I am certain that there was a committee of Top Energists that discussed what should be some of the contenders and this must have cost $25-50k to produce and send out.

The one that stuck out was the listing of Plasma TV’s? It is my understanding that there is a low  percentage of households who owns a plasma TV’s as most are LED.  So we found it costs $13.24/mo. for a Plazma .. . What is the physical size? 20″

Ok, so what is missing as a prominent mention by name and cost per month?

Give up? I think these items should have been targeted.

  • Gaming boxes like XBox left on 24/7, 1-2 per houshold. Cost per month?
  • Computers, 2-4 in one household. Cost per month?
    P.S. Your computer can be hibernating or sleeping but the powersupply is still full on.
  • Laptops,  2 per household, Cost per month?
  • Set top Box or your cable, DVR or Satellite box (did you know it was a computer?)

Aren’t our Teens some of the biggest offenders of these abuses?

I think these items are being mindlessly left on 24/7 and are becoming a real drain and the Electric company entirely missed the target!

So Cal Edison, what do you have to say?

PDF SCE-Energy-Savings-Inside-7-2009

PDF SCE-Save-Energy-Front-Cover-7-2009

Jul 082009

I have been surfing for many years and I have been pretty set in my surfboard selection ways.  In the past few years I have been looking for a “Crossover” surfboard. I am a mid-sized guy, 5’11”, 198 lbs.  I spend most of my younger days on the North Shore of Hawaii and California boards are just not the same.

I currently have had a Robert August 7’2″ that I could not give up. You know that board that you can ride on any day. Last year I bough my daugher a Randy French 6’6″ board which was awesome. I tried it and realized I needed a board that would float m3 better. I found that as a rule of thumb almost all Surftech boards float you about 20% better than a conventional fiberglass board. One thing that you might not know is that All Surftech boards have foam in them and there not hollow epoxy boards!! That is what makes them float better and have better response.

Then,  some months back I bought a Phil Becker 6’8″Hybrid board. I love this board. It is made for both young and older big guy. It floats like a larger board but is lose as a 5’11’ board.  Strong and it looks good.

I suggest you find your nearest SurfTech dealer and get one for your Quiver.




Jul 082009

People who have been affected by the softening economy are turning to new avenues for income.

Some are finding new untapped skills and reinventing themselves.  Some important things to consider when reinventing ones self.

  • Stick with what you know
  • Do not quit your current job or stream of income until you can replace it
  • Do you homework, research others that have done what you are considering for more than 2years.
  • Consider what you could do in your current job to make it better or bring in more business (sometimes this is much more productive and rewarding)
  • Listen to your gut and the little voice in your head and by all means your wife, husband, or girlfriend.