Jan 282009

I went home for lunch and watched Glenn Beck and listened to the 2nd part of the interview with Robert Lagoyavich.

Like Beck, I am completely dumfounded at this man and he blatant Arrogance.  As you watch and listen, I am waiting for him to break down and confess or to find him at home with wrists slashed and an apology next to him.

On another note, our country is in really in trouble when Diane Finestien gets 5 to 1 in emails telling her NOT to vote for the Simulus package, she Votes YES.

God Help us

Jan 272009

As a company, YourHost.com has always looked for ways to help people and others with no strings attached.
Recently, we have come up with a unique and effectively helping promote Local companies.

Our sales and technical staff wanted to find a way that we could help increase sales for our Local businesses owners. The approach we will take is “it is all about them.”

What’s the catch? There really isn’t one. We are targeting the promotion of companies that we personally have done business with or would like to do business with.  If we do not know about a company we will go and meet them an or user their services for a first hand experience to decide if if they are a company we can promote.

Times are economically tough and companies need to band together to help others with no strings attached.  The process is a great reminder that we are blessed enough to bless others.

You will be amazed at what this process will do for you as a person as well as for your organization as a team. In a way… you could consider this idea as form of “paying it forward.”


The main Objective of this idea is to identify and help a local business or service that you believe in and can promote them by bringing new business to them so they will continue flourish. An old term I remember a Marketing guy used was  “Untold is Unsold”.  YourHost.com lives by that.

Target Promotion

You may consider your local storefront or service business as your first targets as they will be directly and positively affected by your staff’s energy.  This is about making a change in their business in the next 30 – 60 days.

You will find that some people or organizations might have wanted to hire sales persons but they just do not have the budget or the time to do so and they so they remain in “promotional limbo”.  Every company wants more business.

As of this entry, we are hearing that business in general is down 20% or so.  The owners know it is important to advertise and sometimes do not have the resources to get it done.  The idea is not to just present a new trickle of business but to make a marked difference in their business over time.  So if you have sales people that are going to be out anyway, have them learn about their Local neighbors and take some information out to the people or have them carve out an hour or two a week ONLY to promote these companies. You will be glad you did.

It is important to remember that you “Keep it Simple”. This is a grassroots project and there are many other creative ways you can spin this. You will spoil the idea if you try and “Over Think”what your doing. Just Do It!

How to do we started?

First, have an informal meeting, coffee break, or gathering with your company. Make sure you include your sales and or marketing people.  You will find that people will quickly take to this idea because it will not be uncomfortable to them. Straight Sales can be uncomfortable. Make sure you include both your in-office and outside sales persons.

You will find a tiny portion of your staff that will not like the idea. How can you not like helping others at work and get paid for it? Your own company moral will increase from this process.

Talk with your team about some the Local services in your area that you use or know of or have experienced their great services or products.  Make a small list of companies, who would be the most open to this unique idea.
P.S. If they do not get it right away, move on, you cannot help them if they are not open-minded.

I am certain that as I write this you will be thinking of your, Florist, Mechanics, Contractors, etc. that provides good honest products or services to the community.  This is not just a referral idea but it is a personal endorsement for them, which makes a big difference in how you convey their products or services.

When you go out we suggest that you try to use the word “COMMUNITY SERVICE” in the conversation and the door just might be left open just long enough to be receptive to listener.  They will not look at the brochures if you cannot convey your passion for the services your promoting.

Now that you have identified a person or company you wish to promote, go talk to them about what you would like to do to help them.  If they are like most they will be trying to figure out what “your angle” is.  You explain that your goal is to truly promote their business as a community service and not yours. The words “community service” is a quick way of letting your listner know what you are trying to accomplish.

In order to promote thes organizations you will need to get a flyer or brochure from each one of them to pass out.  It was our fortune that the three companies we choose had some form of brochure or flyer.
It is very hard to promote an organization without having something you can leave with the person you will talk to.

Find a way to put tastefully attach your business card and or company stamp on their brochure. You may want to make up a stamp so you can mark the brochure with your unique stamp and encourage the person you talk with to bring it in when they visit that store or office your promoting. You may want to attach a half sheet of paper with your letter head stating in only a few words what you are trying to accomplish.

Just Do it

Figure out what your going to say to before you get in front of them.. Did I say “In front of”?  Who does that anymore… Can’t I just text or email them? Yes, this means that you or your sales or marketing staff has to get out of their chair, and away from their computer screen and and physically go out and meet the public and talk about these people.  (Old School)

In a short time you will find that you will have a completely different sales and marketing attitude.  You will also find that the dynamics of the conversation are completely different and almost always positive because you are talking about someone else s business than yourself or your company.

One thing to remember when you are out promoting others that if they do ask about what you do try not to dwell on it at all.  Be very brief and politely let them know that today is about the your community and the business your promoting and if it would be alright to talk about that at a later date. Huh? nobody does that.

If you have a storefront, keep the flyers or brochures somewhere prominent in the store so you and your staff can tell others about the business’s you have chosen to promote.

Next Steps

Most people who will embrace this idea will be smaller companies that are not encumbered by legal and corporate restraints. I would encourage larger companies to really give this some thought and find ways that they can come up with their own Politically Correct form of this idea.

We would love to hear success stories from companies and we feel that the next step will be a start a web site Forum which our company YourHost.com will host for free if someone would be willing to moderate it.  We have purchased StimulusPackage101.com for the future.

Aside from that you can post your success on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, or where ever you others can be encouraged to do the same.

Purpose is to Make a difference

It is our intention to encourage your organizations to get involved in your community and help others in business. The sky is the limit recruit your business colleagues to call on these same business and make a difference.

Rally other business step 2 – Stimulus 102

If your on board with this idea and have actually gone out and promoted a company already pass the names to another business owner, CEO or President of a company.  Spend time telling them how they can do this and encourage them encourage them to drop by that same set of companies you promoted to learn and try their services.  As the president of a company, go out yourself.
Set a 30-60 day goal to promote the three businesses. You could call this a form of Multi-Level-helping.

Rally others business step 3 –  Stimulus 102

Once you have done this process then pass it to another business whom you know will run with it.  Encourage them to use and or experience their services before they promote them.

January – February’s’ Choices for YourHost.com

1.  Tommy Pastrami’s

18001 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Corner of Beach and Talbert  in Huntington Beach, California
Owner – Ellie Ward and family
Phone – 714 848-4567
Email – EllieWard@TommyPastrami.net
Located at the South West corner  of Beach and Talbert, in Huntington Beach, Map Link
Web Site – Tommy Pastrami’s

Info – If you love a New York Style deli with awesome food or you have never experienced NY Style deli then drop by.  Ellie and her entire family is involved with this deli. You will feel that when you drop by.  Ellie is an outgoing innovative young lady with a good grasp of quality food and solid customer service.  Drop by and I am certain you will be glad you did.

2.  The Wholesale Flower Place

11533 Slater Ave #E
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
714 434-1072
Owner – Stephanie Beason
Email – None

Located at the North East Corner of Slater and Newhope, in Fountain Valley, California – Map Link

Info – I have been buying flowers from Stephanie for the past 4 years. Everywhere I turn I hear she has done a weeding or a funeral.  She has been in business for ever and still has the care and compassion people love.
Valentines Day is February 14th and she has some amazing specials. The thing I like about her service is that no matter what occasion she has, you can keep your flowers at her place and pick them up on the day you need them so you will experience some of the freshest long-lasting flowers ever!  Stephanie and her helpers will build an arrangement of flowers over the phone or in person and her arrangements are all inspiring.

3. Pierce Family Chiropractic

17024 Magnolia Street
Fountain Valley, CA 93708
714 848-4323
Owner – Doc Lee Pierce
Email – DoctorPierce@verizon.net
Located at South East corner of Magnolia and Warner, Huntington Beach, CA
Map and Link

Chiropractors? Who are they? Why and when do you need them?  People are creatures of habit and only get themselves fixed when they have pain.  Doc Pierce is more than a Chiropractor as he listens to what your ailments are in your body and responds to them in a way that is produces positive results. I go in for regular adjustments and along with exercise you will keep your body from breaking down. Go see Doc Pierce before you break down and you will be pleased you did.

Jan 192009

Well, i did not have time to make a video but I think that Montyorlee missed the point.  Reply to Monty

I do not think you heard that we closed our account and he is correct about closing the account would affect your equifax and credit rating reports.

Cutting the Credit Cards is part of the process. Take your own test and see how many married and living together couples do not co-mingle their accounts. Each one makes there own finance, most having between 3-10 grand in debt.

The cutting of the cards keeps them on the same financial page. Dave got us to use a monthly review of our expenses to use ONLY cash and to make an emergency and special savings.

With the job and economy crisis getting worse, reality is setting in. Living within your means is what Dave Ramsey is teaching, and having a CC card in your pocket can be hard for many.

Using a CC in hard financial times is like a person that has a eating disorder with lots of food in the fridge. It is almost impossible to do.

Last, Forget any of this advise if you are both not the same spending page and you do not discuss what you spend and save on a regular basis.


Jan 082009

Our kids, friends, and family members, are all experiencing the different ways people are virtually communicating with others. Most of us have NO time for personal phone conversations, so we text, blog, twitter, facebook, myspace eachother.

I ran accross a trailer that of a new movie with Drew Barrymore said about technology is priceless.

She said >> MySpace is the new booty call!” a friend advises Drew Barrymore in this preview for He’s Just Not That Into You, and later she at the end of the trailer laments:

“I had this guy leave me a voice mail at work, and so I called him at home, and he emailed me to my BlackBerry, and so I texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies. It’s exhausting.”

Being in a relationship, I am honestly glad I don’t have to deal with said portals and can see this as merely comic relief, but I feel for Barrymore’s character and people who do get the tech runaround. Have any funny or cringe-worthy experiences with dating and tech?

Here is the video and she says this at the very end  says it at the end.

Jan 082009

I have had a Palm device for the past 8 years and well….why. Sometimes I wonder why.  I have had 7 exchanges of the Palm 650-700P over the past 3+ years.  I have learned to keep it simple and it still fails.

There are some features that the Treo family has I cannot live without.  Everyone who I know that has a Palm Treo has some quirky thing or another happen to them.

This is the Short List –

  • Random Freezing
  • ConsistentFreezing
  • Random Self-rebooting
  • In the middle of a call Self Rebooting
  • Sync issues
  • Continous Self-Rebooting
  • Consistently have to remove the battery as reset no longer helps
  • Blue Tooth paring issues
  • Auto Blue Tooth paring issues
  • Blue Tooth horrible sound , seems only to Verizon Treo issue. Cutting out. I have tried every Blue Tooth to date.
  • Best one – using a wired headphone, it the plug comes out at all, I lose my microphone. I lose the call, and have to physically reboot the phone by taking the battery out to reset it. (it is not a physical plug issue)
  • Where is the 755P reset button?
  • Random rebooting in the middle of a call when a 2nd call comes in.
  • Random rebooting to the point an entire reset is required (I.E. no phone for a day or two or more, not to mention 3-5 hrs of your own time)

When I got the 755P, like a careful Treo user, I decided to install EVERYTHING from Scratch… yeah right. Thinking that would do something special.
I have a friend with the new smaller palm and he has been through 2 in the past 4 months.

So, on with my rant.  After pondering and looking hard, calling support, there is NO RESET BUTTON anymore!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding? What where they thinking? Yeah I know, Palm does not think much about the user. It is quite obvious that they really design based on a small focus group if that at all.

So, my 700P had a reset button. I had to reset on a regular basis, and it became a pain with a skin on the phone. So… I cut or drilled a small hole in the case and the skin and from the back, I could push the Treo Stylus through the hole and reset. Saved lots of time and headaches… Now the 755P, they assume no more problems.

First week I had to reboot several times.

I have some specific items I need and Like the Treo for. One is the Outlook (Salesforce) and the wireless PC monitor sync. I NEVER use the sync cable. Touch screen in the middle of the call text to the person calling. If someone in the office adds a record in SF, It will automatically get synced with my phone within the hour.

I am slowly getting over it. I have had nothing with great Iphone reviews and well…. I hate AT&T so I gotta wait a few more months and Verizon might be able to carry it. I know that Verizon is getting close to the Iphone with the Google phone and the Dare and the Blackberry Storm, but still not there when it comes to virtual backups.

Salesforce, can be used online, but I need outlook sync so all my contacts show up in my phone.

Conclusion –

Palm does not appear to be really trying to compete with the IPhone-type design and style and they have proven by far to be the most buggy phone product on the market.

Can someone share with me what Palm is thinking? I am listening.