Dec 212008

I know you have heard this before but why again is it we are bailing out the automakers?  If this was business on the street and an investor group was involved, I do not think they would loan them a dime.

The American car makers have pretty much had their head in the sand watching the “other guys” deliver what the public wants and needs, at a modest price.  Some of the “other guys” sell cars that are purchased at a premium and still we pay for it because of the forward thinking designs they produce, along with ridiculous reliability.

I am a Republican and I think Bush is blowing it by NOT sending the Clear message NOT to make any loan. Yes, there would be some real backlashes in all sectors of life and it could spiral us into a depression, but these guys waste more money and appear that they will to continue to do so.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the people could vote major issues like this? After all, it is our money the President and Congress is spending.

Weren’t we financially in trouble before this all started?

For what it is worth, I have said my peace.


Dec 152008

My wife and I purchased a “Certified Pre-Owned” 2004 LexusRX330 from a dishonest salesman at Lexus of Mission Viejo, California.  I will keep this simple. We were not satisfied until we reported our concerns and lies from an unethical sales person and manger of Lexus of Mission Viejo California to the Lexus Customer Satisfaction group who works hard to mediate and satisfy it’s Lexus Customers.

Lexus of Mission Viejo sold us the car as a “Pre-Owned Vehicle” and then just before the sale completion some how, removed the “Certified” status at the time of the sale. In speaking with many in the business and the people of Customer Satisfiaction, Nobody had ever heard of that happening. We went through a month of paperwork and the dealer lieing to us about things they promised us. In the end,  Lexus Satisfaction group decided to make the dealer make good their promises, which they did not do graciously.

My wife and I are the only ones who drives the car so we know when it has been taken in for service, which we refused to go to Lexus of Mission Viejo for service.  We had noticed that one of the the tires were warn very low and the other three were fine.  I did not want to get a new tire as it would upset the ride until 2 or 4 are replaced.  I was satisfied with the Mission Viejo  settlement until tonight.  I have been very busy at work and well with the rain all around us,  I did not want my wife  to drive the car very far with the low tread so I thought I would swap out the new spare for the warn tire myself.

When I pulled the spare tire off it’s “hiding place” I found it flat, warn and a large nail driven it in it, with a chalk mark on it!!!!!  I am glad I found this now, as it would have been very unsafe for her to not have a spare to drive around AAA or no AAA.

We felt so violated and I remember specifically asking the salesman , Mr.Dabari if we had a good spare, and he said yes and alluded to the fact that all Pre-owned cars come with good spare tires. Look for yourselves.

Screwed by the Dealership

Screwed by Mission Viejo Dealership

Tonight I was so upset that I wanted to let the world know to stay away from this dealership and these unethical people. It does not reflect well of the Lexus name.

They are located at –
28242 Marguerite Pkwy.
Mission Viejo, CA

I will consider removing this post if they make good on the tire, but I doubt it.