Oct 302008

Ok so we are all hearing things about each candidate for president of the United States. Some have been answered and others have been dodged.

I think that Obma is a dangerous choice to our Country future in several levels.  MCain has his issues, but clearly he is the lessor of two choices.  Many things have been exposed and I am not certain why this one is not being discussed.

Listen for yourselves.

Oct 132008

Ok, so I called Hoag where Gma is staying.

All blood work is normal. She was up early, ate,  and is getting treadmill and general tests.  She has to have her stent replaced and if she comes up normal, that will happen Tuesday.

 You can call her later today, I figure around 10:30 would be good.

She is in Room 207, her charge nurse is Jennifer, 949-764-4624.

Tuesday  10-15

Gma went home ok. Gayle is doing fine also.

Oct 132008

Ok so this weekend was jam packed with fun. It is Monday and Gayle and I got into the surgery center for her Shoulder at 5:30AM.

Meanwhile…Gma is still in the ER for overnight observation taken in by Gayle all day Sunday. Gayle…being the trooper she is, stayed with Gma all day. Gma went in with complaining of chest pains on Saturday evening. She has had so much head and face pain since her Gama Knife proceedure. The doctor did this proceedure to avoid the more invasive operation which he has put her on the list for. They are going to operate through the lower back of the skull, and move or pad the offending blood vessel that is rubbing against the Trigeminal nerve that has been paining her for the past 25 years.

Not to be overshadowed by the draining intensitnal shunt that has to be replaced every 60 days for an enlarged gaull stone that cannot be removed or broken down at this time.  She has been on pain pills and muscle relaxors. She hates taking pills and I do not blame her. She has been very much disoriented most of the time, but still her funny self pops out from time to time. She has put off her shunt replacement for a week or so because of her pain and now the ER.

O…not to mention the Dog. Patches as we mentioned earlier, was laid to rest Saturday, so we were all recovering from that. The loss hit Gayle especially hard as Patches would greet her every day for a treat and a warm good morning.

Back at the house, Kimmie and I were on a mission to prepare the house and shink the  monumental laundry pile that haunts Gayle and Kimmie, pretty much every day.
The idea was to take some of the load and guilt which moms tend to have when going in for a any kind of medical proceedure.

It is about 7:45AM and Gayle should be out of surgery by 8:00AM and after recovery, we can go home.

I am so fortunate to have my work allow me to be somewhat remote, with such a great crew that tells me just to take care of business and they will hold down the fort.  Thankx team.

Gayle, will not be moving for most of the first few days so I will be on duty tending to her needs and the house. Kimmie will be my every faithful help mate.

It is now 8:45AM and Gayle just got our of surgery. Dr. Yaru said that it went well and that should should be in shape, going to take her home in a few minutes.


Oct 112008

Patches with Eric and Gayle

Today was one of the harder days in our families life. Patches our Dalmatian of 13 years that had out lived her years. She was one of the most loving dogs. I referred to her as a “Love Sponge”.

She was in a bad way with tumors all over her body, living 3 years after the doctor said she had Cancer and was not sure how long she would live. We gave her two operations to remove bursting or almost bursting tumors, and the last one was in her backside that if operated on, would leave her in a unlivable condition.

My wife and I knew it was time a few months ago but we wanted to make sure the whole family was in agreement before we put here down. 2 false appointments, we went this morning. Robbie, my 19 year old son went with me. It hit both of us real hard when we were taking the collar off and giving her over to the doctor. We cried and everyone was very very sad.

This helps.


Gayle Wrote –

Memories of Patches

you brought us so much love. You were loved by all who met you. Everyone wanted you,but we
were the lucky one’s. Thank you for loving us and protecting us for 13 years. Your patients with Zoey was like no other, sharing your food bowl, and your bed with both Kitty and Zoey. Your big smile as you greeted us at the door we will remember and miss. Zoey and Kitty will miss you greatly and all who loved you. Our hearts will be sad and our arms empty, but we will always rememeber your love for us and ours for you. We love you, so until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, good bye for now, your family,
The Kirkhuff’s

More Pics…..

Oct 092008

I just had a chance to review ShopSite 10 Beta pre-release. It has some nice features, especially the Wysiwyg optional editor.

Doba.com, an up and coming quick start system has partnered with ShopSite to bring more flexibility to sales for the person who wants to sell products to seamlessly add to their arsenol.

YourHost.com is now a Doba partner YourHost.com

More to come

ShopSite 10 quick look at features

Oct 092008


As of around September 29th. to date, there are two positions that people are in.

  1. Out of the Market Chillin

It is looking pretty grim out there. People in the finance banking and real-estate community are acting as if they did not see it coming. A good businessman CFO, CEO, reviews it’s balance sheets and knows what is coming.

AIG really pissed me off. The arrogance of these people. It is clear that nobody is having critical strategy meetings, or “Ritz-Gate” would never had happened. Maybe it was already in the budget and they had a P.O…… kidding.

Next is the pompus arrogance of these CEO’s and Executives that do a bad job and get paid for it. My friend Wayne Slavitt, said it well and quote from his blog. waxingandwayneing.wordpress.com

Quote – “This is really simple to me. If I hire a professional painter to paint my house and the work is shoddy, I get my money back; I didn’t get what I bargained for with this individual. You don’t do your work, you don’t get paid. These executives did shoddy work and now need to pay us back: Matter closed.The second reason I am so irritated at this situation is the lack of remorse of these executives. Have you heard any of them simply say, “I’m sorry”? Have any of these pompous managers issued any apology for what they have done—for the mess they created? If they have, I haven’t heard them.” end quote

No Main Street or “Joe Six pack” business owner would give a guy a bonus for doing a poor job. Where does this mind set come from? Sometimes the Europeans do it right, for example, Mercedes Executive income is DIRECTLY tied to their sales success, with a $12 million cap. You won’t find any Wallstreet exectives falling over that job position.

As for Credit, families companies do not know how to operate any other way. My suggestion for families is to spend $200 bucks at DaveRamsey.com and get a reality check.

Trivia – As of 1:36 PST – Wallstreet News –
“We’re all watching the windows on Wall Street, Any second now people should start jumping”

Oct 092008

For those of you who are worried about your investments, here’s a thought:


1.        If you had purchased $1,000.00 of Delta Air Lines stock one year ago you would have $49.00 left.

2.        With Enron, you would have had $16.50 left of the original $1,000.00.

3.        With WorldCom, you would have had less than $5.00 left.

4.        If you had purchased $1,000.00 worth of beer one year ago, drank all of the beer, then turned in the cans for the aluminum recycling REFUND, you would have $214.00 cash.

Based on the above, the best current investment advice is to drink heavily and recycle. It’s called the 401-Keg.