Sep 172008

If you run an online store you will be busy this season and for many years to come. With an encertain economy, fluctuating fule costs, and an ever-increasing comfort levels, online shopping, consumers will take to the internet in droves.

You need to understand you Audience, Motivations, and Intentions.

One of the first steps to understanding one’s audience is to understand their makeup and motiviations for shopping are. It’s  no longer enough to just understand basic demographic information, like gender and age.

You now need to develop an understanding as to young, old, college educated, in high school, from California or China.
Services like are a great place to go when you are a new or even a seasoned user. It will help you quantify your audience. displays demographics in two ways, a pie and bar charts relative to the U.S. Internet average.

E-Commerce vendors are now spending more time learning buyer habits and patters and what drives them to puchase online. A company that is capitalizing in this trend is 7 Billion People ( They analyze the merging aspects of behavioral psychology, information technology, and the art Science of communication, using users’ click paths, content for each click and process the sessions to develop a unique view of vistors’s preferences and experiences.

YourHost is one of the other critical components to your E-Commerce Tactics.  Besides being able to speak with competent support and consultation services, Your Hosting company holds your business quality and reliability in thier hands. Do not take your hosting choice lightly and do not go by price only. You always get what you pay for.

PCI (Payment Card Industry standards) are becoming required needs by the Merchants and Banks. Some Hosting Companies do not know what that is or how to offer it, so look for one who does.

Safe E-Commerce