Jun 032008

My old laptop crashed two weeks ago. I had to shop for another one. I did not need much in a notebook and I was considering going with Vista. Microsoft has been hyping Vista talking smack about end of Life for XP. Well, now I am convinced that it is here to stay for a while.

I purchased an HP with Vista 64 bit, 4 gig ram, and all the bells and whistles, DV9728CL. Out of the box the screen driven audio volume control was not working right but I blew through that.

I spent one full day installing all my standard Vista approved programs. Within five or so days later, the computer started acting up, slow browsers, ITunes crash, Yahoo IM crash,…slown down. Multiple reboots were needed just to get it working. I know that Vista was not this bad but 64 bit adds insult to injury. Tech support identified that I needed new virtual drivers for the audio issues.

I called Hewlett Packard, HP and spoke to a very sharp two year Veteran who knew his stuff. (when your in technology, you know when they know stuff or not). He was in tech support guy and he asked if I loaded ITunes, and I said of course, doesn’t most of the world use ITunes? He told me that there has been a history of ITunes crashing Vista….since June of 2007. He said one way or another in the next 30 days to one year, the computer will suffer a catastrophic crash. You cannot just remove ITunes with an uninstall,,,you must restore the computer to factory settings.

Let me ask you…Is MicroSoft nuts? I am sure there were other programs that installed that contributed to the slow down and total incompability making the Operating System or Vista say “get the hell of my hard drive operating system!”, but I was not going to stick around and waste another week, month, year finding out I am hosed.

I cannot fathom that the Vista team was possibly thinking. They are so far away from making a User-friendly XP Transition-friendly software from XP to Vista.

I returned the HP Vista 64 bit and have ordered a Dell XP Window Pro unit.

Here is a list of some of the items that make the Mac commercials so right on.

  1. Let me start with Vista compatible Office Word, that does not look feel, or even have any of the same names as its predicessor…. what the heck is up with that. It took me an hour to find the footer function and templates info and when I did it wanted to use its own rigid format itself . It would not let me do simple things like inserting just page 1 of x. It wanted me to use the entire footer, wiping out what I previously had. What a serious piece of crap…then lets move on to Excel..poor Excel users, it is like a completly new program that you have to refigure… Microsoft developers have their heads so far up their backside, …well how far up before you are not even there? That is how far. 
  2. How can you look for Add remove Programs when they are now called uninstall
  3. Networking is horrible, mapping limited
  4. Terrible navigation even in Windows Classic View…why did thy use Classic, because Vista navigation sucks.
  5. Windows explorer in XP is renamed
  6. Versions in Vista are not correlated to XP at all. Vista Home, Premium, Ultimate…. Is Ultimate the equivalent to XP Professional? Why didn’t someone make a simple notation like Vista Home is like XP, and Premium is like what? and Ultimate is like XP Professional? Nobody thought this out at all, nobody in the Microsoft team. I just cannot understand it. I think we need a list of the team that was responsible for Vista and post them on the net so they will be an example of who not to put on your team as a great insightful team to transition a major software that has worldwide impact!!!
  7. Did I mention that Vista Sucks?
  8. ITunes, it is evil to have not given ITunes enough info to keep it from crashing in Vista or Vista 64 bit. I hear it is because MS has a media player called Zoom that is coming. If this is true, MS is more evil then every imagined!!!

I am sure you all can comment. Today was one of the most stressful days of the year. I really tried to bite the bullet and move up in versions and learn Vista, but NO WAY.

 There are some real quirky reasons why I am not ordering a Mac today, but I think in time I will get over them, and purchase a Mac for myself.

I have purchased Mac Notebooks for both my wife and my daughter 3 years ago and never regreted it. My daughter just purchased a new Mac and loves it.