Oct 232007

Foothill Ranch outside John Walcher’s house 1pm Oct 22Some of our friends and family are being affected by the fires in So. Cal. It is Tuesday October 23rd 2007, and the air is swirling with ashes and as we live a mile or so from the beach (Huntington Beach), we can look east and see all the smoke.

Outiside John Walcher’s Back window 2:30AMI have been watching the television and listening to some of my friends that have been affected by this tragedy. I turned to the Bible Proverbs 3:5 stands out – “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding”

j-walcher-oct07541.jpgThis is such a tragedy, and so many are just this morning finding out what the fate of their house is after fleeing in the middle of the night.

We pray, we ask for understanding, we get angry, we are sad, we cry, but when it is said and done, we need to put our trust in the LORD. More Fire Photos from my friend John Walcher and his family who lives in Foothill Ranch and as of 10-25-05 6AM, has escaped the loss of a home.

Oct 162007

Our company, YourHost.com has been using Salesforce since the first of 2007 and it has been very powerful for our team. It has made sales management very smooth.

As much as I do not like Outlook, it syncs with Outlook. I also use Verizon on my Treo and whenever SalesForce is updating, and synchronizing with Outlook, Verizon in turn, syncs with PC monitor (Verizon) and updates my Treo within a few minutes. A great tool for the on the go manager.


Oct 102007

So I am experiencing the transition of the power of the Internet on just about anything, but today it really hit home as to the speed of how fast things happen and get press.
Recently, on the News, you may hear TV reporters getting the news in their ears before they actually get on scene or as it is being editorialized, and it comes out RAW, mainly because of places like YouTube, MySpace, and Cell Phone Videos uploaded at record speeds. People are on it 24/7 and things are rarely missed.

Last night the group, NLT, hit the top 4 on the charts, up from 34 or so the day or week before (don’t quote me or your miss the point).
The Local LA Radio Station, KissFm, said that they broke the current record on being to date, THE fastest moving song up the charts ever!

As I thought about it, it did not surprise me. This record will be broken again in about a week. LOL… and a week after that if there good.

The point is the POWER of Viral News fueled by Texting, Voting, Streaming, and Chat rooms are closing up the time it takes to go from publishing to blowing-up or getting flamed in recognition! It is just amazing.

I am happy to see how the public gets to experience many many more new and different types of up and coming, talent, Mainstream groups, Indy groups, and anything you can think of in record time as you would NEVER have been heard of around 3-5 years ago.

The Internet has put the power in everyones hands. Don’t under estimate it.