Why should I get a Mac?

This is the $64,000 question. The call is to is to find out what current PC applications  one uses for business and personal.

Mac is making it easier for both home and in business. One cannot convert a PC guy to Mac unless he or she is open-minded. Most of the PC  vs Mac mantra is the PC person says that Mac’s are more expensive and software is not as prevalent for the business needs. This is kinda true and getting less and less of an issue. Most want Outlook, Word, and the ability to login securely.

There is no one definitive answer, it comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. I will address the high cost issue of the Mac in defense. Have you ever seen a PC go 5 years without  a crash or meltdown that was used by a businessman? Probably not. Hence, the value of having a relatively trouble free Mac for that length of time has intrinsic and time value to that person.  Call it insurance or piece of mind computing.

If your a PC person and use Outlook, Word, coupled with a few other office type programs, you will be fine with a Mac. In fact it seems like MS Office and Outlook runs pretty nice on a mac. If it crashes, you can kill the program only without a reboot, one nice feature. Try a Mac and keep your PC, run them in parallel for a few months. Don’t go cold turkey if you can afford it.

I use a Macbook pro with VM Ware which is a program that runs in the background and allows you to run Windows in the background on my Mac. It is very nice. VM Ware or Paralles are resource hogs, so be careful and turn them completely off if you are using Mac for heavy work like Photoshop, Final Cut or media processing.

You must have at least a 500GB harddrive and about 8-10GB of Ram. You can run windows XP or 7 in the background and tell VMware how much Ram you want to dedicate to Windows, so it does not hog it. I find 3GB ram is good leaving around 5GB for my Mac.

The windows mac solutions should be supported by someone. I hear that there are some guys in Costa Mesa, California called “The Mac Guys”. You may want to have Apple Care from Mac so you can talk to them about your Mac related support and then consult the PC person for your PC or Windows support needs. It is like having two computers.
Windows will be always be Windows so you will need a good PC consultant to help you support that if he does want to cross the Mac bridge. We are all faced with this integration now and more and more people are looking for a way out of windows if they do not need it. Windows 7 is a becoming a more stable Operating System, or OS. SalesForce and GotoassitExpress, are the only reasons I have Windows running now, and when they get with the program, I probably will not have it anymore. I help selectively people with their PC’s that cannot afford to get them fixed or they are just desperate and have no trustworthy direction to turn.

There is a time and a place for everything and well, if you can avoid PC, I suggest you see if it works for you.

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