What does 100% uptime mean and how can that be promised

I recently had online chats with a host to get to the bottom of 100% up-time guarantee’s and this is what I found. Just as I thought. It is impossible to be 100% up-time. Good networks and points of failures makes for better stability.

“We have actually assisted 100% network up-time in over 7 years.. the way this is done is having no single point of failure on the network. Al routers and switches are redundant. It is impossible to guarantee 100% “server” up-time. However maintenance is not included in the 100% up-time. There are schedule maintenance’s …”

So, what does 99.7%/year/month up-time mean. Well…let’s calculate this for you detailed persons –

8,760 hours in one year

That is .3% per month/year = 26.28 hrs per year or 2.19 hrs per month!!!! Did you know that? I did not think so. How would you feel if your site was down for 2hrs a month or one month for 10hrs??.


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