Seniors 911 Long distance Health Care

Ok, so this is usually the beginning of your Seniors in Transitions experience. It helps if your married or have a good friend that can keep you sane and help you through this one.

Your at work, you have two deadlines to make and the phone rings, a family member calls you, IM’s or text you with “Mom or Dad just went to the hospital”. You really do not know what to do and your trying to figure out who is going to visit them in the hospital or help them.

Many things go through your head, most of them filled with guilt. You ask yourself “what do I do? Go visit them, but they are hours, days, a plane trip away? Get further behind in my work, lose my job?” So …you deal with it. You call the doctors office or your family member and find out just how bad it is. More guilt. Ok, so you found out it is nothing much and they are going back home today. No harm…no foul…. You dodged that one.

Three weeks later, the same thing happens, only this is not looking good. You get ready to pack your office up, make your phone calls, tell your boss and collegues you got to go and you will let them know what is up once you get on the road or later that day.

As your preparing to go to or driving / flying,  on your way to your Seniors, you come up with lots of questions and feelings.

They keep you awake at night and also make working distracted.

Just remember, in most normal homes, they had the same feelings when you were 2years old…. be paitient, be kind, and be understanding.


1-5-2008 – Maybe you can relate to this when dealing with a Senior Family Member Stand-up Comedy Video

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