Salesforce Windows 7 and Mac Mail Merge… Really?

I have a real Beef with Salesforce. Today I was pissed and wasted several hours on something that should have been addressed long ago. I look over the forums and they are all the same. Salesforce refuses to recognize Firefox, Chrome, and Windows 7.

I come from a solid PC world and several years ago I switched to Mac, but still had to run Windows in the background using VMware, and no problems.

I use windows ONLY because Sales Force  is still after 3 years, has their code tied to the Internet Explorer umbilical cord. Yeah, all the other companies that would not run on the Mac platform have evolved and I know only use Windows for SalesForce only.

Salesforce obviously has refused to address this every growing Mac world, and make the bridge so you can perform form and mail merges with  other than Internet Explorer .

Having run Windows 7 on the side and finally realizing it’s stability, today I decided I switch my main XP to Windows 7 not thinking about the problem they had with mail merging which was almost a year ago with form mail merging and windows 7.

The mail merge in windows 7 still does not work and will not recognize the files to perform this…. really? a few years later?

Salesforce Are you listening? I do not want to hear anything more from Sales Force about how cool their software and how many user apps they have until they fix the windows 7 and Mac merge issues.

When do you use the word …Really? This is a real good time. …Really Salesforce?


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