SalesForce dropped the ball on Mailmerge and Windows 7 go back to XP

I have been a PC guy since it’s inception. My family all have Macs as I no longer wanted to be virus tech support. So I am  a 2 months new MacBook Pro user running VMWare and Windows 7. Note, make sure you upgrade to 8gigs or RAM or you will experience a painful slowness that is intolerable.

I have had no issues with Salesforce using the Mac. You cannot run MailMerge on Mac, but you can run Windows and I.E. Which is completely retarded, but it is the lesser of two evils. If it was not the MailMerge and the fact that I have to use I.E. to run it, I would be completely Mac.

Ok so last night I decided if I found forums that tell me Salesforce has not made a fix since people complaining about Windows 2007 compatibility, I would go backwards and install XP Professional.

I tried to resolve the mail merge errors that we saw about not being able to write the file and missing paths. I just finished installing all the necessary items to run MailMerge and it all worked just fine, Fixed.

So if you have Windows 7 , you will not be happy with the quirky things that Windows 7 does. Windows 7 has file and security control issues, which is why it will not work. I tried several things, making new paths that did not exist, file permissions, uninstall, reboot, reinstall..Don’t waste your time with Salesforce and Windows 7 for MalMerge until they address this.

I was not going to wait for Salesforce to fix it, especially since it has been 8 months since I could see the first Windows 7 / Salesforce Merge complaints.

SalesForce really has dropped the ball on this one. :smileymad:


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