I had a PowerShot stapler for almost 10 years and every once and a while it jammed, no biggie.

Today, I had good memories of a quality produce and purchased a new one and price was not the determining factor. I also purchased the manufacture recommended staples. My task was to put up a few dozen posters.

Sadly, it jammed the 2nd poster I put up. After about 15 posters the back frame screw fell out as the nut probably feel out a few posters prior.

Needless to say I returned it to Lowe’s and will look for a new one that may be more reliable. I think this is both Lowe’s and the manufacturers concern.

I was disappointed when this happened and thought this would be a nice tool with just a little more integrity regarding design and assembly. One drop of Lock tight on the frame screw, I probably would not have returned it.

I hope that the manufacture gets this and does something about it.


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