Pet safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Model PFD00 14574 Review

If your looking now, here is the link to the product straight away,… (they are on amazon and vary in price by a few dollars and start at $99) I love this product, and it has “Simply” in it’s name, because it is simple. There are a few things that you should know about this feeder in order to improve your user experience, and I fully explain these points in this video. I have found that the feeders on the market with a camera feature, which BTW, is a very cool feature, are not very good overall feeders. Its is like buying a cell phone that has a good flashlight, so it has to be a good cellphone first. I refer to the camera,… (just search for ring indoor camera). The Ring camera is $50-60 bucks on amazon, and a great buy, and allows you to talk to your pet and lets you know when they are near your feeder. I downplayed not having remote control of the feeder as I have programmed it to accommodate each type of dog I have and their habits. Enjoy

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