P90X Chin-Up Bar is a Rip-off

To Beachbody customer service, quality control

I love the P90X DVD program and will be using it.

I want to speak of the poor quality of the bolts and general poor construction of the Jungle Jam Chin-Up Bar. I am going to assume that the Integrity that Tony Horton would have had for this product is LONG gone or faded.

I have seen complaints of the bolts and flimsy construction of this since 2008 on Blogs and message boards and it still has not been properly addressed.

I tighten the bolts and they come lose and flatten the tubes to be lose again within the 10 minutes of use and this it repeats itself until you cannot tighten them anymore or the finish caps come off.

The message boards say they buy new bolts from Home Depot to fix the issue but you still end up with weak tubes. Need I say more.

As much as I can help it and I will write a blog telling of this quality to prevent others from getting this and being too lazy to return, which is the mindset of a company like Beach Body.

there, I feel so much better now.

Please refund my money on this item RMA 77699.

Eric Kirkhuff / Disgusted Customer

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