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My family and friends support Peyton Jones who heads up NewBreed Church planting. Get involved and you will love it. More to come but it is a start.



What is NewBreed? Peyton will tell you.


Posting 2-15-2010

Attention Calvary and Church Internet Guru’s,

I hope you do not mind me asking you this.

I am writing to to a few Calvary’s I know that may have some hardware lying around that could benefit other starter churches to get the word out.

I am working with Peyton Jones of NewBreed church planting and we have a new starter church with Pastor Mark Convoy in Florida that is going to work with and do archive and Live streaming.
Church info –

These starter churches are unable to afford the TouchStream system so we are out looking for used Video Streaming Boards for the PC and a Video Camera for donation.
New Breed info –

Do you have a line on these items I can make it happen?

P.S. there are many other starter churches that will need help, if you have any items that may help , send me a list and if you wish to donate or sell them and I will put you with the right person to get it done.
Pass this email to your colleagues and friends.

Cut and paste this around

Salvation, how do you explain it in a nutshell?

God gave us a beautiful world … We messed it up …
All of us have sinned … And the wages of sin is death
None of us can save ourselves … So God sent His own Son Jesus Christ to save us …
He lived a perfect life … He died a death He didn’t deserve … He shed His innocent blood …
He was buried for 3 days … Then He rose from the dead …
Now He offers forgiveness, purpose, freedom from all that imprisons us, and abundant life to all who will receive Him
Pastor Bill Welsh – from the heart –

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