Macular, and how to deal with it

Your senior may be having a hard time with watching your senior start losing their site. It can happen in their sixties on up. It is not fun for either of you and as their site deteriorates, they become more dependant on you or your family. The problem is that they don’t know it until they just cannot see. They give you a hard time, dropping pills, bumping into things, how to use the remote, to “who’s here?”, our favorite.

My G-Ma has a sense of humor. When she comes in the room and says “who’s here?”, someone will say…. “Marco” and she will more than likely respond with “polo”.

Lately, her site has really been an issue. With her pills, she will go and stand next to the box, thinking it is time to take the pills. Her site is so limited, she counts the squares (provided the box is right-side up) and then opens the box and tries to get the pills without dropping one. She will also drop one just holding them in her hand. Once a week, my wife or I sit down and load her pill box with EXACTLY what she needs.

She has to take Lirica for her TMJ, which is known for deteriorating the eyesight. Hopefully, we can help her our to regain some of her site as it is getting worse by the month.

Well, that is not good enough for G-Ma. She needs to count them and see them to make sure we have not done anything wrong. Also, when to take the pill. They can be very tricky about not taking a pill, hoping you will not remember and they don’t take them.

Good luck, on this one,

 Os, so her eyes, which is why we are discussing this. My uncle had terrible Macular, almost blind, and went to an eye and Macular specialist in Arizona.  Within two weeks he was seeing 20/20, no joke.  I do not know the process works but it is for real and not holistic or anything like that.

So we got the referral from the doctor in Arizona to Dr. Seabag in Huntington Beach, CA because Dr. Seabag is local to our area. His phone number is 714 901-7777. It turns out that I know of the Dr. from years ago and I understand he and his colleagues are wonderful.

The process takes two or three sessions, from what I understand, a few hours at a time, and has a real good success rate with both wet and dry Macular.

I will let you know how it goes over the next few weeks. It would be a real blessing to my mother-in-law if she can regain some of her site.

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