Loyalty and Ethics

In today’s world, loyalty and commitment does not apear to be as important. To some, loyalty an commitment is who you are and what their company is about. In life, these qualities are easy to spot and easier to follow.

In corporate life, that line can get clouded or diffused. My life is governed by my faith and all things fall around it. No, it does not mean I am perfect or better than others, by any means.

Others will judge you by your actions and will call you out for not being who you ae and profess to be. This is a good thing for the ones who are really trying to follow the right path…. Ahhhh…the right path….what is the right path? We all want and long to know what the right path is. Occassionally, we need to be reminded or called out on our actions.

 I do my best to apply these principals to my family and business.  On a daily basis, it is not easy. I assure you that you are much more content at the end of the day by following this mindset. 

I am reading a book by an old friend, Larry Clarke, called “The Rules of Five”, which if followed, pretty much keep anyone in line.

The Five rules to live by are –

  • Create a Safe Space
  • Honor All Agreements
  • Be Supportive
  • Keep Exchanges In Balance
  • Tell the Truth

My challenge is my family, in having patience with them. It’s funny, one in business has no problem bending over backwards for customers, but when it comes to your family…. you really have to work at it. I love my family, and I have been married as of this note, 22 years…and intend to be another 22 years +.

My Lord Jesus Christ and Rules of Five are good things.


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