2004 Lincoln Navigator and Aviator Shifter Fix Solution Click Link

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I could not believe some of the most amazing stories I heard about the Lose or broken Console Shifters Handle in the Lincoln Navigator and then I starting hearing about other Lincoln’s with the same or similar issues like the Aviator.

Navigator – 2004 Lincoln Navigator and Aviator Shifter Fix Solution

I was cleaning the boot and shifter area and pulled up on the shifter handle. It has always been loose and free to move up and down and I never thought much about it. Needless to say the dealership recommended that the shifter sometimes gets messed up and the handle and shifter assembly needs to be replaced as a pair. Cost around $600-900 for parts only.

I have heard labor is around $200-300. If you are stuck and need to get home, this video should help you get your car home.

If you do not have good mechanical skills, take it to the dealer to have it fixed over your local repair person as the dealer does it all day long and they know how to work with this specific breakage.

I think this should be a Ford recall because the screw come loose and if it does not have any lock tight and it should have. Imagine how bad it would be to be driving along and then not being able to shift or to put it in park or remove your keys.

I figured I did not have anything to lose so as a DIY’er. You need to be careful. I could not find any pictures, sketches blow-ups, service manual that would help me so I had to figure it out and pass it to others so they can learn be able to fix and save a lot of money.

I get many people calling me when they are freaked out and cannot get home or are stuck at home. Your welcome to call me after you have paid and need emotional help.


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