iCloud – Is your iPhone backed up? Probably Not

Most of us learn the hard way when our phone breaks, crashes, gets stolen, or disappears.

It is my understanding that if you have ATT or Verizon, you need to turn this on manually. It does not happen automatically.

It is ok if your not a fan of iCloud, but you do want to be at least have it on and backing up all of your precious phone settings, like mail and app selections, passwords etc.

Did you know that it will not fully function if you do not have an apple ID email, like YourName@me.com, so if you do not have one, change your email to that.

If you have not converted from Mobile Me to iCloud, you need to do it now. Once setup, your not Done. In order to have the phone configuration to backup wireless, you need to turn on the backup to iCloud. It is not what you think, it is a backup that you do not have access unless you need it. It is not part of the 5gig you are given free, so d not worry about it. Follow these steps below.

Start with going to Settings >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup

At the bottom of the Storage & Backup page, turn ON the iCloud Backup and it will immediately start working,given you have iCloud setup.

If you do not have iCloud setup, learn how and then go back to these steps.

Step 1













Step 2













Step 3







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