Family dog Laid to Rest

Patches with Eric and Gayle

Today was one of the harder days in our families life. Patches our Dalmatian of 13 years that had out lived her years. She was one of the most loving dogs. I referred to her as a “Love Sponge”.

She was in a bad way with tumors all over her body, living 3 years after the doctor said she had Cancer and was not sure how long she would live. We gave her two operations to remove bursting or almost bursting tumors, and the last one was in her backside that if operated on, would leave her in a unlivable condition.

My wife and I knew it was time a few months ago but we wanted to make sure the whole family was in agreement before we put here down. 2 false appointments, we went this morning. Robbie, my 19 year old son went with me. It hit both of us real hard when we were taking the collar off and giving her over to the doctor. We cried and everyone was very very sad.

This helps.


Gayle Wrote –

Memories of Patches

you brought us so much love. You were loved by all who met you. Everyone wanted you,but we
were the lucky one’s. Thank you for loving us and protecting us for 13 years. Your patients with Zoey was like no other, sharing your food bowl, and your bed with both Kitty and Zoey. Your big smile as you greeted us at the door we will remember and miss. Zoey and Kitty will miss you greatly and all who loved you. Our hearts will be sad and our arms empty, but we will always rememeber your love for us and ours for you. We love you, so until we meet again at the rainbow bridge, good bye for now, your family,
The Kirkhuff’s

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  1. We will miss her too and wish all only the fun, fond memories of the fabulous family member. She was a treat.

  2. Sorry to hear it. I hope everyone heals quickly. I think it’s admirable the way you held on rather than putting her down at the first sign of trouble.

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