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I have one that I need a facebook pro to help me. Nobody at Facebook has or will help me so I am pretty much hosed.

I have had a personal page for a few years. I wanted to setup a page for our company, YourHost.com. I was suggested to setup fans (more than 25 will get you a page name). See if you can follow this. At the time my personal page was facebook.com/erickirkhuff, pretty normal.

Then I setup a YourHost.com company fan page and then started looking for our company name so it could be setup as facebook.com/yourhost…right?

I found a real cool guy in Australia that gave up the name in like 5 seconds, and he wrote me and said” it is all yours mate!” What a stand-up guy.

I had like 10 minutes before someone takes the name “yourhost”, so I changed my name from facebook.com/erickirkhuff to facebook.com/yourhost

I saw and read that I had no other choice than to do this (oh and of course start  another account, but could not add the name because I did not yet have 25 fans…that is the rub)

So now I sit like probably lots of others not able to get my business name set up properly on my fan page (BTW – I have 30 fans on the page so I can name it) I was willing to offer to pay a facebook Guru to help me and or I offered Facebook for paid business guidance or inside help. Anyone who can help. Let me know

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