Facebook Customer Support Phone number 650 543-4800

Our company has been advertising on Facebook for some time now and we are now at a point where we do not want to advertise anymore until we get some direct contact with a Facebook representative.  I emailed all the places I could find and then… I found this number and this is what I got and I am sure you will enjoy it. Nice.  Facebook-Customer-Service

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  1. need help to get my password back to work sat working I’ve been trying to call you as your phone with your customer service

  2. Don’t take pictures of yourself until you find the one that’s just right for facebook.. Do something with your friends/family where someone is snapping photos and go through them after and then pick one out for facebook. Most people comment and like these kinds of pictures more.

  3. is that a toll free number???? I need to contact the right person about a major issue of facebook’s that causes everyone grief.

  4. hello i am trying to reopen my fb acct an change emails how do u go abt doi.g that

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