Ecommerce… again.. where is it going?

I have been involved with Ecommerce since 1997 and from then until now, it has evolved, but remained steady.
There are many companies in the game, but there are so many components involved in brining good useful tools, along with reliable services, that most do not have the experience and the acquired knowledge to really service them. I am speaking of Email Marketing, Web Stats, PPC, SEO, and just plain flexible services, that will integrate together.

Our company has been blessed with the same core support staff since 1999 or earlier. This brings great value to a customer that has been bounced from hosting company to hosting company, trying to find a partner that has not been sold or just plain lost focus. To a Ecommerce vendor or store owner, loyalty is big once they find a company that is not just about money. is truly blessed with a great team. We are not perfect, but we are committed and will do just about anything to keep our customers online and services working, so they can make money.


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