Dropbox Teams Company-wide Network Solution

Dropbox Teams is the solution. 


Think about how much you would think about spending in your office for a network file server and or processes to keep your data fresh. Dropbox Teams does all that. $1,500+ on a server, cables, addition redundant hardware, tech guys, etc per year.

Dropbox teams has a solution that seems like it is very nice. I use Dropbox now and just started using Dropbox Teams, which has a compelling   lifetime backup service as part of the teams account, which is $800/year or $16 per seat per year. It allows everyone in your team to have storage local and in the cloud 24/7.

In short, it keeps everyone who you wish to be informed, informed and backed up. All teams accounts come with a backup solution, meaning you can access any backup from the time you started to present.

Let’s say you save or change a file within dropbox and need to roll that back. Dropbox Teams, makes makes versions along the way!, yep even that, so if someone, or even you overwrote a file, you can go back a versions to get it back with a simple recovery process.

Oh, need more space than the 1TB they give you, call them and they will bump it up for free. $800 too much for your group? …. Get the Pro solution and add the backup for less than $4/mo. It beats Cabonite all day long.

Check into it.

More to come…


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