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DIY: How To Make a big free-standing Planter-box under $150. 73″ x 55″ X 16.50″

Material List Below – BTW if your trying to figure out why the box looks like it does, it is because we built it upside down, so we could put the 5th leg in the middle so it would support the large span, and when we were done, we flipped it over ready to go. Make sure your bottom boards have 1/4″ spacing for good drainage, and staple screen material over the slats so you do not lose valuable planter material. There are lots of planter-boxes you can buy, but nothing gives you a more satisfied feeling as making the planter-box yourself. After-all, you’re making the box to grow vegetables so you do not need to rely on anyone else for most of your survival. Comment below if you want me to give you more details. All materials were purchased at Home Depot. We did our homework and found that the more wood you use is Cedar is the best choice for the design, as it does not “ugly out” like Redwood or standard doug fir does.BTW, I know that I messed up the title, working gettin used to VideoShop.app, which was edited on my iphone. Expect better. Materials list for this box – I chose Cedar Fence posting as it was cheaper and all you have to do it cut off the tabs and you got great wood. Here is the list – 31 each fence 72″ x 5.5″ x 0.625 Home Depot item number – 769887020043 cut 55″ long 2 each 4×4 11.32 (not redwood make careful cuts 5 legs, not 6) 4 legs @ 32″ and 5th leg @ 13 3/8″ Item number – 073291330019 2 Each 2×4 standard stud (not redwood) 3 boxes of 1 5/8″ Coarse Drywall Screws 1LB 1 Box of 2″ Coarse Drywall Screws 1LB 1 Box of 2 1/2″ Coarse Drywall Screws 1LB

How to install Locks for Dementia Patients at Home Schlage Encode Install

This is for your loved ones that are living at home and have Dementia family that wants to physically run out or sneak out the door to try and “go home” or just attempt to get out of the place they life or stay with that feeling of “I’ve got to be going” syndrome. I did this with my 92 year old mom to keep her safe and to lower my 94 year old Dad’s stress, as she was trying to get out and my Dad could not keep up. I hope you find this helpful for your family member or friend. We basically turned the keypad to the inside so mom could not get out and then used the deadbolt on the bottom to keep the door secure. Let me know your experiences and how this helped.

Pet safe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Model PFD00 14574 Review

If your looking now, here is the link to the product straight away, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00… (they are on amazon and vary in price by a few dollars and start at $99) I love this product, and it has “Simply” in it’s name, because it is simple. There are a few things that you should know about this feeder in order to improve your user experience, and I fully explain these points in this video. I have found that the feeders on the market with a camera feature, which BTW, is a very cool feature, are not very good overall feeders. Its is like buying a cell phone that has a good flashlight, so it has to be a good cellphone first. I refer to the Ring.com camera, https://www.amazon.com/Certified-Refu… (just search for ring indoor camera). The Ring camera is $50-60 bucks on amazon, and a great buy, and allows you to talk to your pet and lets you know when they are near your feeder. I downplayed not having remote control of the feeder as I have programmed it to accommodate each type of dog I have and their habits. Enjoy

Lexus 2004 RX330 Wet Carpet Water Leaking, “Hack-Fix” and Insight on other Models

This steps you through the problem and the solution, showing you how to remove some difficult Pillar or side molding, how to dry your carpet, and everything you need to know about the Lexus water Sunroof wet carpet water leak. Lexus did a really poor job with this design on the 2004 and other models. You have probably watched many RX330 leaking solutions, but they not permanently fix the issue. The “Swiss Army Solution” is to never have the problem happen again. This was the 3rd time in 2 years. I call it a Hack-Fix but it really is an Engineers approach to making something right. Also, you may see similar issues with other trucks with sunroofs so you may be able to use this instructional video as a guide. I have a feeling that this video is going to be very helpful for many frustrated Lexus Owners. Even if you cannot do it yourself, you can buy the parts and have a handy mechanic do it for you at a modest fee. Write me if you have questions. E P.S. I made another video on Rear Taillights leaking.

Nightmare – Google GSuites, Google Mail, Archaic administration Banking and payment and credit process – Fail


I am a Google Gmail partner providing Domain Driven Email boxes and GSuites, and various other names the changed to confuse the customer and we have been working with Google Services since at least 2013. Google has a very archaic way of invoicing our office but we went along with it and have been paying by invoice with a Check since the inception. Everyone we communicate with appears to be in another country and they have no clue of Western Business practices. If this company were in the US, it would be shut down or reorganized.

Somehow we did not receive an invoice from Google and there was a small period that went unpaid and we did not find out for months as then our Support team found out that this was happening when we could no longer login or update our current customers or add one.

I spent hours on the phone, wanting to pay by Credit card and I could not get hold of anyone to properly help. The account went into distress a few weeks!!!

In complete and utter frustration, I went on to my account and found that it had a way to pay by Credit Card, so I paid about $700 in now past due payments and thought I was good.

A few weeks later, when we were locked out, I called and was on the phone for at least 2 hrs, they said I had to pay by Bank Wire to keep the account open.

Finally, I did the Bank Wire, at a cost more than our profit for the month…. crazy. That was not where it ended. My bank wanted to have an address for the Bank Wire and other information that Google could not provide. I had to wait and call several numbers for Wells Fargo to get an answer. Finally, after about 3 hrs I got one and sent the money. They called me and said they could not take a credit card and had nothing to do with processing by credit card and that would be another division. I was shocked. So where is my $700?? It clearly shows they collected the money but they cannot apply the credit at all. I spoke to 3 managers with Not even a shred of satisfaction.

At that point I asked to be changed over to Credit Card so this would NEVER happen again. A few months later, my account went into delinquency again, my Credit Card would not charge (I have no balance, and I called the Credit Card company and got them on the phone with Google and Google said sorry…try another card. ). !!!!

OMG this made me even more upset, my Google bounced Credit Card works fine and continues to work fine but not on Googles system. For our accounting, this card was specifically for the Google system and I did not want to use my personal Credit Card for payment, but I did.

Some months later Google wrote me and said that I could use the other card when I spoke to them on the phone.

2-3 months go by and I keep getting phone calls from the Google team. I did not want to talk to them. Finally, I answered a light Friday night call.

They explained that the $692 they collected cannot be credited to my Google account or Credit Card account and I had to fill out a Bank Verification form.!!! You would not believe the form questions, bank, routing number, correct business, name, specific dates, etc. I had to open my articles of incorporation to find half the information!! Oh Man, I have never been put through such bad Customer Service.

Long story even longer, it took 5 or 6 different re-do’s of the form before they were able to accept it. Some weeks went by and on around Sept 10th.

The, what I thought was the last change that they required was something that was NOT on the form and I have NEVER been asked of, and that was the actual stamp of my deposit from the bank to be on the bottom of the form, which does not even have a place to put it, they just wanted the stamp. ahhhh finally, the person helping me, Milena, the supervisor, who was ok and she was just passing information on and was apologetic. You see she has to pass this on to a group that she does not have direct contact with so it is days before she can get answers back… as it it were 1970 all over again. I could not believe that Google, who makes Self-Driving cars, cannot credit a LONG TiME known customer $692 they knowingly paid by Credit Card. Does this make any sense to any you reading this???

This week, around the 10th of Sept 2017, I was wondering if i had received my

check yet and yesterday Sept 13 2017, I get a call from Milena, telling me they still cannot process the payment and now the people in the credit department have decided that I have to do the entire bank form all over again and they want to change the amount from $692.29 which it has been for ever as Google established the refund amount, to $687.53!!!!!!!!

Today, I am so upset and disappointed that a company could actually be so incompetent and have the WORST customer service on the planet. If there service was not so good and there was another company that provided the same service for my customers, I would have left with the first bank Invoicing issue.

As it stands, these people do not understand that we have a busy lives and when I bill out at and at $100/hr  I have already lost money dealing with Google’s archaic billing incompetent practices, along with the time to write this article. I hope this gets picked up and goes viral.

Note – From best I can recall, and there may be a few details that are not totally accurate, but the overall frustration and ridiculousness is still real.


Homeless Scott’s Story – Old Town San Diego, CA

I ate across the street from Scott in an outdoor cafe with my dad for an hour or so and then went to find out what made Scott tick. He was so different, in a good way,,,,, I like Scott,,

Scott has not fear and gets right in people’s business and nobody minds it. Even the shipowner greeted him when he showed up. Do know a Scott in your area? What do you do about it?


What are the IMAP POP AND SMTP server settings for Google Apps?

IMAP/POP/SMTP Server Settings for Google Apps

If you want to use an e-mail client on a computer, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc., or on other devices, such as
an iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, etc., use these settings.
NOTES: You must (if you have not already done so, since mid-July, 2011), reset your password. This insures proper
password syncing from Kettering LDAP to Google (the syncing process finishes at the top of the hour, every hour).
Please do NOT reset your password until your e-mail data migration completes. The password may be reset to the
same as what it already is, as long as it passes the minimum character password length, which is six characters.
Passwords can be changed via WebMail or https://jabber.kettering.edu Also, you may have to log into Google
Apps and agree to Google’s terms of service before you can make the IMAP or POP connection from your e-mail
client/app. – http://mail.google.com/a/kettering.edu or simply http://mail.kettering.edu/ (Use your normal email user name and password.) To use IMAP, you will need to enable IMAP in the Google Apps settings. “Mail
Settings” => “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” => “IMAP Access:” => “Enable IMAP” Google Apps POP settings will
override your e-mail client/app settings for leaving/not-leave messages on the server. To set it in GA, Options =>
Forwarding and POP/IMAP => Number 2 selection pull-down.

POP Settings:
Server: … pop.gmail.com
Port: … 995
SSL: … Yes, you must use SSL (Google Apps policy)
Username: … Your full e-mail address (include your login name and the @kettering.edu)
Password: … Your normal e-mail password (assuming you reset it and it has already synced, as above)

IMAP Settings:
Server: …. imap.gmail.com
Port: … 993
SSL: … Yes, you must use SSL (Google Apps policy)
Username: … Your full e-mail address (include your login name and the @kettering.edu)
Password: … Your normal e-mail password (assuming you reset it and it has already synced, as above)

SMTP Settings:
(I regardless of whether using POP or IMAP)
Server: …. smtp.gmail.com
Port: … 587
TLS or StartTLS: Yes, use TLS, you must use TLS (Google Apps policy)
SMTPAuth: … Yes, you must authenticate to (SMTP) relay through Google Apps, see below
Username: … Your full e-mail address (include your login name and the @kettering.edu)
Password: … Your normal e-mail password (assuming you reset it and it has already synced, as above)
NOTE for SMTPAuth: For some e-mail clients/apps, there is a simple checkbox that allows using the
“same settings as my incoming server”




reference – https://www.kettering.edu/sites/default/files/resource-file-download/IMAP-POP-SMTP-GA.pdf

Dropbox Teams Company-wide Network Solution

Dropbox Teams is the solution. 


Think about how much you would think about spending in your office for a network file server and or processes to keep your data fresh. Dropbox Teams does all that. $1,500+ on a server, cables, addition redundant hardware, tech guys, etc per year.

Dropbox teams has a solution that seems like it is very nice. I use Dropbox now and just started using Dropbox Teams, which has a compelling   lifetime backup service as part of the teams account, which is $800/year or $16 per seat per year. It allows everyone in your team to have storage local and in the cloud 24/7.

In short, it keeps everyone who you wish to be informed, informed and backed up. All teams accounts come with a backup solution, meaning you can access any backup from the time you started to present.

Let’s say you save or change a file within dropbox and need to roll that back. Dropbox Teams, makes makes versions along the way!, yep even that, so if someone, or even you overwrote a file, you can go back a versions to get it back with a simple recovery process.

Oh, need more space than the 1TB they give you, call them and they will bump it up for free. $800 too much for your group? …. Get the Pro solution and add the backup for less than $4/mo. It beats Cabonite all day long.

Check into it.

More to come…


iCloud – Is your iPhone backed up? Probably Not

Most of us learn the hard way when our phone breaks, crashes, gets stolen, or disappears.

It is my understanding that if you have ATT or Verizon, you need to turn this on manually. It does not happen automatically.

It is ok if your not a fan of iCloud, but you do want to be at least have it on and backing up all of your precious phone settings, like mail and app selections, passwords etc.

Did you know that it will not fully function if you do not have an apple ID email, like YourName@me.com, so if you do not have one, change your email to that.

If you have not converted from Mobile Me to iCloud, you need to do it now. Once setup, your not Done. In order to have the phone configuration to backup wireless, you need to turn on the backup to iCloud. It is not what you think, it is a backup that you do not have access unless you need it. It is not part of the 5gig you are given free, so d not worry about it. Follow these steps below.

Start with going to Settings >> iCloud >> Storage & Backup

At the bottom of the Storage & Backup page, turn ON the iCloud Backup and it will immediately start working,given you have iCloud setup.

If you do not have iCloud setup, learn how and then go back to these steps.

Step 1













Step 2













Step 3